Bubba Rope Vs Yankum

Bubba Rope Vs Yankum: A Battle of Strength and Durability in the Off-Road World

When it comes to conquering rugged terrains and overcoming daunting obstacles, having reliable winching gear is the key to success. And in this competitive world of off-road recovery, two heavyweights have emerged: Bubba Rope and Yankum. 

Bubba Rope vs Yankum, which brand emerges victorious in the world of off-road recovery? The answer depends on crucial factors determining the perfect winching gear for your adventures. So, Bubba Rope boasts unwavering strength and innovative technologies. And Yankum stands out with rugged build quality and kinetic technology. 

Below, we explore their features, performance, and real-world experiences as we uncover the secrets of these winching powerhouses. 

An Overview of Bubba Rope vs Yankum

Here is a table illustrating the features of these two ropes:

Bubba RopeVs.Yankum
Synthetic ropeMaterialSynthetic rope
High tensile strengthStrengthKinetic high tensile strength
Heavy vinyl polymer coatingCoatingPolymeric coating
Exceptional durabilityDurabilityRugged build quality
20 and 30 feetLength Options20 and 30 feet
19,000 to 131,500 lbsBreaking Strength19,000 to 131,500 lbs
One-year limited warrantyWarranty30 days full refund guarantee
Black, with either red, gray, green, orange, purple or yellow endsColorRed with black patches

An In-depth of Bubba Ropes

  • These ropes are manufactured in America by Certified Slings and Supply. They were initially inspired by the double-braid synthetic nylon ropes used by the US military for helicopter airlifting.
  • One key feature that sets Bubba Ropes apart is their Power Gain Technology™. This has been proven effective for ATVs, Jeeps, and trucks. It also works like magic for larger industrial equipment such as snow plows and semis.
  • Durability is a top priority for Bubba Ropes. They use a 100% double-braided nylon rope construction that meets strict US Military safety, strength, and reliability specifications. 
  • Bubba Ropes come in various sizes and diameters, allowing users to choose the appropriate rope for their specific recovery needs. From 7/8″ to 2″ diameters, Bubba Ropes offer varying strength and break strengths. 

And the larger-diameter ropes generally boast higher tensile strengths, allowing them to tackle more demanding recovery situations.

Bubba Ropes

Bubba Rope Options on the Market

Here is a table showcasing the tensile strength of various Bubba Rope sizes:

ModelLength (feet)WidthBreak Strength (lbs)
Bubba Rope207/8″28,600
Bubba Rope307/8″28,600
Big Bubba201-1/4″52,300
Big Bubba301-1/4″52,300
Jumbo Bubba201-1/2″74,000
Jumbo Bubba301-1/2″74,000
Extreme Bubba202″131,500
Extreme Bubba302″131,500

An In-depth of Yankum Ropes

Yankum Ropes

Yankum Ropes offer a specialized approach to off-road vehicle recovery with their innovative use of kinetic rope technology

  • Kinetic ropes are designed to stretch under load, providing unique benefits during recovery operations.
  • These ropes are constructed with a double-braided design, combining strength and flexibility. 
  • And they have the ability to stretch up to 30% under load. This elasticity plays a crucial role in recovery scenarios by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy generated during the recovery process. 
  • The elasticity also helps minimize shock and jolts, reducing the risk of damage to both the recovering and stuck vehicles. This further provides a smoother and more controlled recovery, minimizing the potential for sudden jerks or snaps. 
  • Besides, it enhances safety during the recovery process and reduces the stress on the vehicles involved.

Here is a video illustrating what these ropes are made of:

Yankum Rope Models on the Market

Here is a table showcasing the models, their length, width, and break strength:

ModelLength (feet)WidthBreak Strength (lbs)
Rubber Boa203/4″19,000
King Cobra201-1/2″74,000

A Comparison of Bubba Rope vs Yankum

Here is how these two compare:

1. Material and Construction

Both Bubba Rope and Yankum ropes are crafted from high-quality synthetic materials, specifically designed for off-road recovery purposes. These synthetic ropes offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them lightweight yet robust. Also, both of them are double-braided.

2. Strength and Break Strength

Regarding strength, Bubba Rope and Yankum offer impressive options. This allows users to choose the right rope for their specific recovery needs. 

Bubba Rope offers various sizes and 2″ diameters, with corresponding break strengths ranging from 19,000 lbs to 131,500 lbs. Those sizes and strengths ensure that Bubba Rope can handle various recovery situations, from lighter off-road vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. Explore Is A Jeep Or Truck Better In Snow

Similarly, Yankum ropes offer break strengths ranging from 19,000 lbs to 131,500 lbs, providing ample strength for various recovery scenarios. 

3. Compatibility and Ease of Use

Bubba Rope and Yankum ropes are compatible with a wide range of winch models commonly used in off-road scenarios. 

Also, both brands offer various lengths of 20 to 30 feet to cater to different recovery situations and vehicle sizes. This versatility enables you to select the appropriate rope length and diameter that best suits their specific needs. 

4. Pricing

Considering the price range, Yankum generally offers a more affordable option compared to Bubba Rope. Yankum ropes are typically priced between $104 for the more budget-friendly choices. And around $610 for their top-of-the-line offerings, they provide cost-effective solutions for off-road enthusiasts. Check today’s price on Amazon

On the other hand, Bubba Rope’s pricing ranges from around $99 for their entry-level options to approximately $880 for the higher-end, heavy-duty ropes. Ultimately, the pricing factor depends on individual budget considerations and the specific requirements you need. Check today’s price on Amazon

5. Warranty

Yankum offers a 30-day return policy, allowing you to return the rope within 30 days if unsatisfied with your purchase. Bubba Rope provides a one-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects or issues. 

6. Color Ranges

Yankum ropes typically come in a standard red color, providing a classic and easily recognizable look. This uniform color option ensures consistency. 

On the other hand, Bubba Rope offers a broader range of color choices that allow you to express your style. What sets Bubba Rope apart is the variety of color options available for the rope ends. You can choose from colors such as red, orange, gray, green, purple, and more to customize your rope. 

7. Durability

Both Bubba Rope and Yankum ropes are engineered to be water-resistant and UV-resistant. They also resist abrasion, ensuring they can withstand the challenging conditions encountered during off-road recoveries. 

Bubba Rope is known for its durable construction, featuring a 100% double-braided nylon rope. It is designed to meet exact US Military specifications and incorporates a heavy vinyl polymer coating. Bubba Rope’s Gator-ize® eyes further contribute to its durability and strength.

Yankum ropes also prioritize durability with their Military specific quality construction. They utilize a double-braided rope designed to withstand off-road recoveries’ rigors. And to protect against UV rays, water, and abrasion, Yankum ropes are coated with their “Code Red” Polymeric coating

8. Best Applications

Yankum Ropes are ideal for a lighter off-road vehicle, such as an ATV, UTV, or smaller truck. Their kinetic rope technology and stretch capacity are excellent for controlled recoveries in these applications. If you prioritize a gentle and controlled pull, Yankum Ropes are the go-to option.

On the other hand, Bubba Ropes are the preferred choice for heavy-duty recoveries and larger vehicles. While both Yankum and Bubba Ropes have similar strengths and two capacities, Bubba Ropes excel in situations that demand extra durability and strength.

Therefore, Bubba Ropes are a robust solution if you have a giant truck or require a rope capable of handling demanding recovery scenarios.


Here are answers to common Yankum and Bubba rope questions:

Q: What Size of Bubba or Yankum Rope do I Need?

For lighter off-road vehicles, such as ATVs or UTVs, a smaller diameter rope in the range of 3/4″ to 7/8″ is suitable. These sizes offer a good balance between strength and flexibility for lighter vehicle recoveries.

However, opt for larger diameter ropes from 1″ to 2″ for larger trucks and heavy-duty recoveries. These ropes provide increased strength and durability to handle heavier loads and more demanding recovery scenarios.

Q: Where are Bubba and Yankum Ropes Made?

Bubba Ropes are proudly made in America by Certified Slings and Supply. Yankum Ropes are also made in the USA.

Q: Can Bubba or Yankum Ropes be Used for Marine or Water Recoveries?

Yes. Bubba and Yankum ropes are primarily designed for off-road recoveries. But they can be used in certain marine or water recovery scenarios. 


In the Bubba Rope vs. Yankum battle, both ropes offer exceptional strength, durability, and performance for off-road recoveries. Bubba Rope stands out with its proprietary Gator-ize® coating, providing extra protection. Yankum ropes showcase innovative kinetic rope technology with their impressive stretch capacity. 

Choosing between Yankum and Bubba depends on your preferences. Yankum ropes are ideal for lighter off-road vehicles and controlled recoveries. Bubba Ropes excel in heavy-duty applications and industrial settings. Both ropes have earned their place as trusted tools.

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