2014 Mercedes CLA250 Problems

2014 Mercedes CLA250 Problems: Should You Buy This Car?

The second generation of Mercedes CLA250 was launched in 2014 with a more polished appearance than the first generation. It quickly became popular due to its powerful engine, reliability, and luxury. As a result, the demand for second-hand CLA250s is increasingly high. But you should be aware of the common problems of this four-door coupe before buying one. 

Among the 2014 Mercedes CLA250 problems, the following problems are common.

  • Engine overheating
  • Faulty catalytic converters
  • Leaky gearboxes
  • Burnt plastic smells
  • Wheel alignment problems
  • Leaking injectors

Learn about these problems in detail so that you know what to look for while checking a 2014 Mercedes CLA250.

2014 Mercedes CLA250 Problem Chart

Problems of Mercedes CLA250 for the model year 2014 can be divided into the following categories.

Problem CategoryProblem Type
Engine ProblemsEngine overheating

Leaking injectors
Transmission ProblemsLeaky gearboxes
Suspension ProblemsWheel alignment issues
Exhaust ProblemsFaulty catalytic converters
Build Quality ProblemsBurnt plastic smells

2014 Mercedes CLA250 Problems: Detailed Overview

Though the overall 2014 Mercedes CLA250 reliability is fairly good, it might face the above issues commonly. Check why these happen and how to deal with the problems.

  1. Engine Overheating

The most common problem CLA250 owners face is with engine cooling. This started in the first generation of the vehicle and continued in the next generations. The main reason behind the engine overheating is the weak coolant pump on CLA250. 

It isn’t good enough for pumping the coolant throughout the cooling channels, so the engine tends to overheat pretty quickly. Coolant leaks can also happen due to poor build quality.

2014 Mercedes CLA 250 common problem

Sometimes, the pump stops working at all and the engine temperature can quickly rise. And the problem appears even when the car is relatively new. So, you must consider the issue before buying a 2014 Mercedes CLA250.

  • What You Can Do?

Getting the faulty pump replaced can fix the issue. But it will set you back $500-$1,000, including the labor cost.

  1. Leaking Injectors

Injector leaks are more common on diesel versions of CLA because the injection pressure is higher in those engines. Still, trapped debris can cause leaks in the fuel injectors. Due to these likes, you might see fuel drippings from the engine. 

There can be black smoke from the engine bay and the car will show erratic idle behavior. Mercedes launched a recall campaign for CLA models from 2016-2020 due to these problems. Though the problem with leaking injectors on the 2014 model isn’t as severe as 2016-2020 models, it can cause you headaches. 

  • What You Can Do?

Getting the leaking injectors replaced is the only way to deal with the problem. It might cost about $1,000-$1,200, including the labor cost.

  1. Leaky Gearboxes

Another common problem with the 2014 Mercedes CLA250 is transmission oil leaks. If the gearbox cap isn’t properly screwed or the transmission oil sump is cracked, transmission oil can leak from the gearbox. Damaged seals can also cause the problem. If you look beneath the car, there can be small puddles of transmission fluid. 

  • What Can You Do?

Get the transmission system checked by a mechanic. If the leak or crack is small, a sealing kit worth $50 might be enough. But if the gaskets are damaged, they will need to be replaced. The cost of transmission leak repair can go up to $1,500, including the labor cost.

  1. Wheel Alignment Issues

If you drive a 2014 Mercedes CLA250, chances are the car will pull to one side. Though the imbalance in tire pressures can cause this, a faulty suspension system is more responsible for this problem. 

In the Mercedes CLA250, silent blocks tend to go bad much more quickly than in other models. If the block on one side is worn out, the car will pull to that side while driving. Other suspension system components can also be out of alignment to cause this problem.

  • What Can You Do?

Only an expert mechanic can precisely align the suspension components. So, take the car to a repair shop and get the suspension system fixed. It might cost about $600-$1,000, depending on what parts you need to replace.

  1. Faulty Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter in Mercedes CLA250 has a tendency to get clogged, according to CLA250 owners. As a result, the catalytic converter becomes unable to maintain the emission standards. Other problems like black smoke from the exhaust, sluggish acceleration, and turbo heat shield overheating happen due to the faulty catalytic converter.

  • What Can You Do?

Get a mechanic to clean the catalytic converter. But if it still doesn’t work, replacing the bad catalytic converter would solve the problem. It might cost about $1,300, including the labor cost.

  1. Burnt Plastic Smells

Burnt smells from your CLA250 might be caused by transmission fluid leaks. But another vital reason is the not-so-good build quality of the 2014 Mercedes CLA250. You will see a lot of cheap plastic here and there. 

Over time, various accessories wear prematurely. And the friction between components creates burnt plastic smells. Rubber accessories can also cause burnt smells from the car. 

  • What Can You Do?

Once you get burnt smells from the car, checking for leaks is the first step. Take the car to a repair shop and get the transmission, engine, and exhaust system checked for leaks. Then, check the plastic accessories, such as belts or hoses, for wear. 

Replace these parts if necessary. It might cost a few hundred dollars, depending on which parts you need to change. Also, explore Mercedes that looks like Jeep


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the 2014 Mercedes CLA250 problems. 

Q: Does the 2014 CLA250 have turbo problems?

A: No, the turbo in the 2014 CLA250 is pretty reliable. So, there are no major issues with the turbo.

Q: Is the high fuel consumption problem common in CLA250?

A: Though some users might face high fuel consumption due to leaks, the overall fuel mileage of this car is satisfactory. It has an average combined mileage of 30 MPG.

Q: Is buying 2014 CLA250 worth it?

A: It depends on the car’s condition. If the car has none of the above problems and is well-maintained, getting a CLA250 is still worth it.


Besides luxury, Mercedes cars are known for their reliability. But some models turned from this path and 2014 CLA250 is one of those models. The build quality isn’t that good on this model. Plus, many owners faced some common problems with this model.

We compiled the most common 2014 Mercedes CLA250 problems so that you can get aware. If you think about taking a second-hand 2014 CLA250, it will be wise to check the car thoroughly for these problems. As these problems can incur costly repairs, be aware beforehand and steer clear of cars with major problems.

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