Does Jiffy Lube Report To Carfax

Does Jiffy Lube Report To Carfax? Ins And Outs Of Carfax Report

When buying a second-hand car off the market or purchasing a brand new one, checking the Carfax report is necessary! However, there are rumors that popular service Jiffy Lube doesn’t report to Carfax. But what is the truth?

Does Jiffy Lube report to Carfax? In short, Jiffy Lube is one of the few most reliable car maintenance companies that report to Carfax immediately. They report all the small details back to Carfax, from an oil change to brake maintenance.

However, there are changes to your desired vehicle that can go unreported to Carfax. For example, changes made by owners themselves without the awareness of any reputable organizations. We will discuss more in-depth the limitations of Carfax and to-do when buying a car from the store.

Does Jiffy Lube Report To Carfax? Ins And Outs Of Carfax Report

We have previously discussed that Jiffy Lube reports all the minor and major details back to Carfax. In this section, we will discuss exactly why they are so consistent in reporting back to Carfax.

Additionally, we would also discuss further exactly why is a Carfax report so important!

Jiffy Lube Reporting History

Jiffy Lube was founded in 1971 and has been serving the enthusiastic vehicle community for more than 50 years. For over 50 years, they have been maintaining the reputation of being reliable and responsible. 

As Jiffy Lube’s main selling point, changing oil has always been reported to Carfax for over 50 years.

Even though Jiffy Lube and Carfax run completely different businesses, they have a great relationship between them. Overall, both of them have created a brand of customer reliability and loyalty. 

Nevertheless, Carfax reports to Jiffy Lube about the vehicle’s history that they will be working on. So that Jiffy Lube can provide the best service with the information at hand.

On the other hand, Jiffy Lube reports to Carfax so that they can display proper information about any vehicles in the USA and Canada alike.

Importance Of A Carfax Report

A Carfax report is a complete, comprehensive report of a car’s mechanical history. They also contain information about any damage to the car’s main frame, the number of accidents it was involved, past owners, and much more vital information. 

Hence, it might seem like a Carfax report is all you need to review before purchasing a car. Since it contains everything an interested car buyer needs. Well, even a Carfax report has its limitations!

Limitations Of Carfax Even After Proper Reporting By Jiffy Lube [Information That Goes Unreported]

Below, we will discuss how some information may not be passed to Carfax from Jiffy Lube.

Non-Prolific Automobile Repair Shop Not Reporting Back

Reporting to Carfax is not a legal action. Hence, many non-prolific repair shops do not find the necessity to report. However, the institution of Carfax has already thought about it and implemented strategies accordingly.

They have the right to gather online information from repair shops, auto auctions, automobile service centers, and even DMV state records. Thus, they combine all such information to give the buyer reliable and educated information about the car.

However, most non-prolific repair shops do not keep such thorough records, nor do they keep an online database for their business. Hence, it becomes increasingly difficult to track any anonymous car’s repair history.

Self Repair Of Cars

Sometimes, owners decide to take matters into their own hands and fix any broken parts themselves. However, since reporting to Carfax is not a legal step but rather just an ethical and voluntary movement, many decide to avoid it.

That is where a gap of information always stays when buying a second-hand car from previous owners. However, if you happen to be lucky, the previous owner, despite not reporting to Carfax, might let you know about any repairs he made.

Multiple Users Of A Single Car

Many responsible owners of a car report to Carfax when they make any changes to the car. Even if they do not report to Carfax, they will let you know when you buy the car from them.

However, when a single car has multiple users, there will be minor accidents, scratches, or repairs that will always go unreported.

Auto Auction House Keeping Secrets

Dealer-only auto auction houses have been notoriously known for keeping secrets about faults and defects in cars from Carfax.

If the defect is something small, such as underlying scratches, they are mostly not reported back to Carfax. They only tend to report visible problems to not receive customers’ outrage.

Reliability Of Carfax Report And How To Pinpoint The Perfect Car

Let’s look into the necessary steps in buying a used car. Additionally, we will also check on how to convert the information given by Carfax properly.

How Valid Is Carfax Report?

We have discussed that although the Carfax report is reliable, there are many variables that the Carfax report does not cover. Hence, the bigger question is, how valid is the Carfax report?

Well, when browning about the car market, there are millions of cars to choose from. A Carfax report cannot just pinpoint the best car for you since it, too, has its limitations, as already discussed. 

However, what it does is filter the bad offers and let you choose a car within about 50 possible candidates instead of a million.

How To Find The Perfect Car With The Best Condition?

As previously discussed, only a Carfax Report would not cut it to determine the best car for you. A Carfax doesn’t help you pinpoint the perfect car for you; rather, it helps save time by omitting the bad offers for you. 

So firstly, we need to find a trustworthy dealership. Afterward, a friend who has in-depth knowledge about cars or a known mechanic is advised to be present when choosing a car. 

No matter how many reports about your desired car you gather, a physical inspection by a veteran will always give you an upper hand. Also, the unreported changes can be easily identified by any car expert.

How To Read Carfax Report [In-Depth Guide]

A Carfax report can be confusing to read and comprehend. Hence, we have prepared a guide to help you understand the contents of the Carfax report.

ReportingInformation the Report Covers
History-Based ValueMarket Value Of The Vehicle Depending On The Condition
Vehicle OverviewCar’s Model Year
Car’s Model Name
Vehicle Identification Number
Vehicle’s Body Style
Number of Past Owners
Purpose Of Use Of This Particular Car
Total Mileage
Ownership HistoryInformation About Past Owners
Mileage By Each Owner
Phone Number And Publicly Available Information Of The Past Owners
How Long Each Individual Owner Has Owned The Vehicle
Title HistoryNumber Of Maintenance
Any Prolonged Issues With The Car
Reports About The Odometer
Additional HistoryNumber Of Accidents The Car Has Taken Place
Information About Any Warranty Of The Car
Detailed HistoryThe Timeline Of All The Repairs And Maintenance In Chronological Order

You can check a sample of Carfax report here: Carfax Report Sample. Here’s a YouTube video to help you understand Carfax reports better:


Below, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about this topic to further clear any remaining doubts about this topic.

What Happens If Jiffy Lube Fails To Report A Service Record To Carfax?

Nothing will happen to Jiffy Lube or Carfax if a report goes missing. However, you will be affected heavily as you will have a hard time getting resale value, difficulty in warranty claims, and an incomplete vehicle history. 

How Many Days Does It Take For Carfax To Update Their Record After They Received Documentation From Jiffy Lube?

It takes around 30 days for Carfax to update their information after Jiffy Lube sends an update about any cars within the USA and Canada.

How Much Does A Carfax Report Cost After Updated By Jiffy Lube?

Carfax reports cost $39.99, $59.99, and $99.99 for a single report, 3 reports, and six reports, respectively.


We have extensively discussed the topic of jiffy lube reports to Carfax. To sum things up, Jiffy Lube reports all changes to Carfax, so you can rest assured that your desired vehicle has all the records you need. Yet, some information might still go missing if the repair was done by non-prolific repair shops or the owner. 

However, let’s be mindful that what goes around comes around. Hence, if we appreciate a detailed history of a car’s maintenance, then we should also take responsibility and report to Carfax.

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