How Much Does It Cost To Regear A Jeep

How Much Does It Cost To Regear A Jeep? Everything You Need To Know

Regearing may be necessary whether you are an enthusiast or simply a casual Jeep owner. It may provide you with anything, from fuel savings to off-roading at high speeds. Yet, the cost of doing one always comes up.

So how much does it cost to regear a Jeep? The cost varies from place to place, the type of Jeep, and the type of regearing you are willing to get done. It ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. This cost includes the labor cost, regearing parts, and additional parts you require to change during regearing. 

Well, can I do regearing by myself? Also, when should I avoid regearing? If these questions are on your mind, worry no further. This article contains everything you need to know about regearing, along with the smart decisions you can make. 

How Much Does It Cost To Regear A Jeep

As mentioned before, the cost can vary from $2,000 to $4,000, depending greatly if you want to regear single or both axles. Moreover, the distribution of that cost is given below. Keep in mind that it’s just an estimate, and you should not rely on your cost of regearing entirely on this table.

Regearing Parts For Front Axel$600-$900
Regearing Parts For RearAxel$600-$900
Additional Parts$30-$80

When you go for regearing, you will be given plenty of options to choose from. The type of regearing you want, tire size, the ratio of pinion gears, and ring gears.

Out of everything, the only thing that varies the most is labor cost. Depending on the location and experience, the prices are set. What you need to be searching for is experience and prioritize it over price.

Moreover, regearing works need to be flawless. Otherwise, you would face a ton of unwanted problems in the future.

What Are The Cost Of The Parts?

The cost of the parts also varies due to the flexibility you got with regearing a Jeep. If you think you will only need to change the ratio of pinion gears and ring gears, you are wrong. 

There are other components as well that will add up on the list afterward for functioning the regearing properly. However, some of them are mandatory while others are not. 

On the other hand, you can also save some future costs by spending a bit more here. As the axles are already open, you can add some extra work, such as ball joints and rear seals.

As the mechanic is already working on the axles and has opened them for regearing, the additional cost won’t be significant at all. 

Does The Cost Vary Between Jeep Models?

Yes, the regearing cost varies between Jeep models such as the Wrangler and the Gladiator. However, the difference isn’t that significant. The cost difference only ranges from $100 to $200. 
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Can I Regear My Jeep On My Own?

You shouldn’t try to regear your Jeep unless you are a professional with proper knowledge about vehicles.

As mentioned before, regearing needs to be flawless. Otherwise, the purpose of regearing would go to waste, and you won’t see any results. For that, an experienced mechanic is needed to make your life easier.

Even if it is costly, you can only experience regearing when it’s done smoothly.

Regearing A Jeep

Single Axle Vs. Both Axle

If you are searching for cheap regearing, you might come across the option of single axle regearing and both axle regearing. The single axle is the worst option you can choose and is a gimmick from the workshop.

You will be able to regear a single axle within the half price. However, regearing doesn’t work that way.  All the tires must be moving altogether to keep the Jeep running smoothly. With the single axle regeared, the vehicle would certainly not function properly and damage the Jeep instead.

Thus, we recommend that you save money and then work on both axles. If you don’t have enough saved up, don’t regear your Jeep now. Rather wait and save some more money till you can afford both axles. 

When You Shouldn’t Regear Your Jeep

People generally regear to increase performance or save fuel. A lower numerical value regearing is done when the user is searching for better torque and acceleration. At the same time, a high numerical value regearing is done when the user needs decent mileage and higher top speed. 

So, the only question to ask yourself is, do you lack any of the above features? Do you need better top speed? Do you need better mileage? If you feel deficient in any of the features mentioned, regearing is for you, and you shouldn’t hesitate. 


So, how much does it cost to regear a Jeep? You need to set a budget between $700 to $2,300. The whole process is so vast that the range is substantial. You have the flexibility to do anything and regear the way you want. 

Even though the labor cost may be the most significant, we recommend not skipping it. The regearing needs to be picture perfect to run smoothly. On the other hand, don’t take the single axle option even if the professional is suggesting you so. Either regear both axles or don’t at all.

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