2008 Polaris RZR 800 Problems

2008 Polaris RZR 800 Problems: Expert Guide

Though considered old, still, off-road drivers who have 2008 Polaris RZR 800 must appreciate its superior performance and versatility. And they also cannot deny that there are some problems associated with the vehicle’s mechanism. 

The 2008 Polaris RZR 800 has several common problems. They include; 

  • Brake caliper issues
  • Popping out transmission
  • Broken nylon nuts
  • Air filter issues
  • Steering problems, etc. 

So, if you want to get a used RZR 800, you should learn what are the common problems it faces, and how to solve them. In this article, we detail the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 problems along with the solutions. 

An Overview of 2008 Polaris RZR 800 Problems & Symptoms

The below table provides an at-glance view of RZR 800’s problems vs. symptoms.

Brake Caliper issueIf you sense that the wheels are not rotating properly due to the reverse pressure from the caliper on the brake pad, it is a confirmation that your RZR 800 has a brake caliper issue.
Transmission popping outOne noticeable effect of transmission popping out is the occurrence of grinding noise
Besides the grinding noise, you can also experience jerky acceleration if the transmission pops out of gear
An issue with nylon nutsIf there is an issue with nylon nuts at the rear, you will hear rattling or a more pronounced grinding noise. 
Besides the grinding noise, you can also experience jerky acceleration if the transmission pops out of gear
Airfilter Clogged issueEngine overheating, hard start, unusual noise, etc.
Your expenditure on fuel has increased
The engine is not working properly; misfire, stalling, etc.
Steering problemThe steering feels heavy, unresponsive, or requires excessive force to turn the wheels
Another noticeable symptom is the sudden shift of the power steering to the left
The power steering has stopped working completely

2008 Polaris RZR 800 Problems & Solutions: In Detail Discussion

We have already mentioned the five most common issues of this off-road vehicle. Here is a detailed discussion of those with solutions.

Brake Caliper Issue

The brake caliper issue in RZR 800 is very common. This issue can arise due to several factors, including worn-out brakes, dry axle bearings, stretched caliper cylinders, etc. Also, a punctured tire or any unbalanced context within the wheels can be a cause of this problem.

2008 Polaris RZR 800 Brake Caliper Issue


Below are actions you need to take to solve the brake caliper issue.

  • Do greasing all the respective mechanisms to facilitate lubrification
  • If the wheel is unbalanced, change the wheel
  • Change the brake pad
  • Replace the dry axle bearings
  • Take the vehicle to a mechanic to fix the stretched caliper cylinders

Popping Out Transmission

The transmission problem is another common problem in the RZR 800. Transmission popping out usually happens when you use the reverse gear. Here, the vehicle remains in motion, and the transmission disengages suddenly. This results in inconsistent power delivery to the wheels.


We strongly recommend you go to a mechanic as it often requires major repair work or full replacement. In this case, if you are not a master in mechanical works, your interventions won’t be that effective.

Broken Nylon Nuts

Polaris RZR 800’s rear differential pinion nuts are known as nyloc or nylon nuts. These nuts are prone to damage or total break. The issue with these nuts becomes inevitable when the nylon nut starts to loosen or detach from the bolt. It usually occurs after the vehicle has been driven for some time. 

2008 Polaris RZR 800 Broken Nylon Nuts

Here, the loose or damaged pinion nut causes a loss of tension and proper engagement in the differential. It accommodates performance issues such as wheel slippage or reduced traction.


Below is the comprehensive guideline to address the broken nylon nuts issue.

  • Remove the nylon nut by using a wrench counterclockwise. 
  • Replace the nut with a more durable metal hardware solution. It is a common approach to resolving this problem. 

We suggest you visit a workshop to get an effective solution to improve the reliability of the rear differential assembly.

Airfilter Clogged Issue

RZR 800’s air filter tends to draw in a significant amount of dust. And when the air filter becomes filled with dust, it loses the ability to function effectively. 

This context makes the situation worse in terms of faster accumulation of dirt and clogging. Following this, the airflow within the ATV becomes restricted. Here, the most common outcome is overheated content within the engine component. 

Also, due to the clogged air filter, the engine does not receive the necessary oxygen for optimal combustion. This can result in reduced engine performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and potential damage to engine components.


Below is the stepwise approach to address air filter clogged issues.

  • Identify the airbox.
  • Remove the lid.
  • Take out the old air filter while it is clogged with dirt.
  • Clean the air filter compartment.
  • Install the new air filter.
  • Install the air filter lid. If possible, change the lid also.

Power Steering Problem

Malfunction in the power steering system of the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 is a very common issue. In general, there are two reasons associated with the orientation of this issue. 

First is the low voltage. Insufficient voltage flow affects the operation of the power steering system, causing an abrupt shift to one side.

The second reason is the simultaneous use of brake and gas pedal. Engaging both pedals simultaneously places a high demand on the electrical system, which causes a disruption in the power steering function.


Below is the comprehensive guideline to address power steering issues.

  • Check the battery voltage. In case of a low-voltage battery, replace or recharge it.
  • Inspect the electrical connections and address any loose or corroded components.
  • Take professional assistance in hard cases. 

Check out this YouTube video to learn more about the problem:

People Also Ask

Here, we answer some most common questions regarding the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 problems.

Can I fix the power steering problems in my Polaris RZR 800 myself? 

We suggest you go for only basic troubleshooting and maintenance tasks. Here, changing the air filter, checking the battery voltage, etc., you can do with some basic knowledge and minimum tools. 

For major issues, like transmission issues, engine damage, etc., you must take professional assistance.

Can I drive the RZR 800 with a power steering problem?

It is not recommended to drive a vehicle with a power steering problem. Still, if you are in great need, we suggest you avoid high-speed maneuvers and be prepared for increased steering effort.

How can I prevent overheating in my 2008 RZR 800? 

To prevent overheating, you must ensure regular maintenance of the cooling system. You have to clean the air filter and radiator regularly while maintaining the appropriate coolant levels. 

Also, we suggest you avoid operating the vehicle in extreme heat or under heavy loads for extended periods.

Final Words

We hope our detailing on the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 problems will help you enormously. If you have this old RZR 800, the resolutions mentioned will make your life easy. And if you are going for a second-hand purchase, the provided information will assist you in checking the vehicle’s condition. 

Finally, if you do not have adequate knowledge and expertise to deal with the mechanical issues of a vehicle, do not go for any repair work. It will make the situation worse. Also, to get more information about RZR 800’s repair work, you should consult the user manual.

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