Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid

Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid: Their Problems and Solutions

The QX56 is a luxury full-size SUV by Nissan’s luxury division, Infinite. It has a 5.6L V8 engine capable of 400 hp and 560 N-m torque. However, despite these and other great features, not all year models are problems free, and you should avoid some.

So, what Infiniti QX56 years to avoid? That includes 2004, 2005, and 2006. These were the first three years of the SUV, and most complaints and problems were within the time. You should also avoid the 2011 Infiniti, which was the first year of the second generation, as it has multiple issues too.

Read on to learn more about these problematic years, their issues, and possible solutions to fix them.

Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid and Problems: Overview

The table below lists the various years of the Infiniti QX56 SUVs to avoid and the major problem that plagues them in brief.

YearCommon Problems
2004Service brakesAir bag problems
2005Fuel systemElectrical power loss
2006Equipment problemsPowertrain problems
2011Timing chainCatalytic converter problems

The table only covers the common problem but not all of them. However, each of these years had multiple reported problems, some of which are available more than once.

Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid with Their Reported Problems 

The QX56 saw two generations before the facelift in late 2014 when Infiniti rebadged it to QX80. Within the two generations, one, which started in 2004, had the most problems.

The following section covers these problems as per the years they were common.

Model Year 2004

According to the car problems zoo website, the Infiniti QX56 SUV of the model year 2004 has the most reported problems. The total number of issues is 135, and 25 are from the first service year.

The common problem in this model year included

  • Service Brakes Issues

The brake issues didn’t plague the 2004 model alone but remained a top problem for the next four model years before getting solved. The users reported the problem appearing out of nowhere, interfering with braking.

One user couldn’t apply brakes while driving on a freeway. The user reported that when the issue arises, the brake dash indicator illuminates, and you can hear grinding metal sounds.

There was a recall in 2010 by Nissan, which targeted the Infiniti QX56 of the model year 2008 and 2009 to fix service brake options.

  • Airbag problems

The airbag on the 2004 Infiniti QX56 is known to develop problems causing the airbag light and dash light to stay on all the time. The airbag sensor will not detect a person sitting in the passenger seat and may not deploy in the event of a crash.

Model Year 2005

The second year of the first generation of Infiniti QX56 has 97 problems, six of which are in the first service year. The most common problems in this model year include

Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid
  • Fuel system problems

The fuel system on the QX56 model year 2005 is known to develop problems and cause the fuel gauge to read incorrectly. Users with this problem say sometimes the gauge reads that the tank is a quarter full while it’s empty.

  •  Electrical system problems

This model year is also known to have a problem like  losing power completely when driving. The vehicle would lose power to the power steering and the pressure to the braking system.

The Model Year 2006

By the 2006 models, most of the problems had solutions. However, some issues were yet to be solved and frequented the models that followed this year. Some of the common problems in this model year include;

  • Equipment problems

The equipment on the QX56 2006 model had several issues, especially the headlights. Users reported problems with condensation on both headlights and sometimes, they flicker and go off by themselves.

  • Power train problems

Power train was another issue with this model year 2006. Among them is the automatic transmission, which would begin to decelerate and sometimes cause a stall independently.

There are also reports of transmission making noises when the driver tries to shift to a certain gear, like the parking gear. Also, for a reason, the radiator would fail to leak radiator fluid into the transmission.

The Model Year 2011

The 2011 model was the first year of the second-generation Infiniti QX56. As the first one, it had several upgrades and redesigns compared to the earlier generation. For example, it was more than an inch longer and wider and over 3 inches lower.

However, like most first-year models, it had several problems, some of which were present in the previous generation. The year had 89 reported problems, with most reports registered between 2016 and 2020.

Infiniti QX56 Years to Avoid

Despite the upgrades that made it better than the models in the previous years, several problems were yet to be resolved. Compared to other Infiniti model years in the second generation before the facelift in 2014, the 2011 model had issues like

  • Timing chain problems

The timing chain issues are a nightmare to many who have endured it. This problem caused the vehicle to vibrate hard while driving at various speeds. The engine would also struggle to maintain speed due to regular slipping.

However, Infiniti conducted a voluntary service campaign on various 2011-2013 QX56 (Z62) and installed the timing chain for free.

  • Catalytic Converter Problems

Like most vehicles, the Infiniti QX56 uses a catalytic converter to filter harmful gasses. However, the 2011-year model had several problems with the catalytic converter. The problem begins with an engine light illuminating and after diagnosis, the catalytic converter is determined to be the problem.

Is It Worth Buying Infiniti QX56?

Despite the problems, there are the lucky few who have managed to cover more than a hundred thousand miles on their Infiniti QX56 SUV. The truck is spacious, which qualifies it for long-distance travel with plenty of room for luggage.

However, this vehicle is ranked 12th compared to eighteen other full-size SUVs. Therefore, you can invest in the car and do timely servicing or seek a better option.

But before switching brands, try their successor, the Infiniti QX80, which is an upgrade from the QX56.

Last Two Cents

Like most vehicles, there are several exceptional model years and also some to avoid. However, there are only four model years that you should avoid on the QX56 Infiniti SUVs, including 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2011. Most of the problems are in these years, which is also when most complaints were filed.

Regardless of that, through various recalls by Infiniti, some of the problems already have solutions. The common issues include service brakes and timing chains. 


Following are the frequently asked questions on the Infiniti QX56 years to avoid.

Q: What Is the Best Year for Infiniti QX56?

The best year of the Infiniti QX56 is 2009 as it has the fewest problems than other model years. It also came after the 2007 and 2008 models, which had positive feedback on the market.

Q: How Long Does Infiniti QX56 Last Before They Begin Developing Problems?

Some drivers report driving the QX56 over 100,000 miles with few to no problems. However, some problems can develop at very low mileage, especially if maintenance is not done at the right time.

Q: Do All Infiniti QX56 Model Years Have Problems?

Each of the QX56 model years has several problems, with the 2009 model having the least. Some have already been fixed through recalls, while others are fixed by individuals when they arise.

Q: Is Infiniti QX56 Reliable?

Despite the problems, the Infiniti QX56 has an average rating in reliability. The reliability is based on cost, frequency, and severity of repairs, which are then compared with other SUVs. According to the repair pal, the rating is 2.5 out of 5.0.

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