Infiniti Q50 Years To Avoid

Infiniti Q50 Years To Avoid: Problems in The Worst Years

Infiniti Q50 is a luxury sport sedan with several great features like the seven-speed transmission and twin-turbo engine. However, in 10 years of its production, it has had some best and worst years.

So, what are the Infiniti Q50 years to avoid? Over the years of 2014 and 2015, several problems were reported, including steering and brake issues. There were also problems with airbag deployment caused by the occupant classification system. If you’re in the market for a Q50, go with 2020, which has fewer problems.

Read on to learn more about the problematic years, the problems, and the solutions that can solve them.

Infiniti Q50 Worst Years Problems

The table below lists various problems with Infiniti Q50 cars in their worst years.

2014Steering Problems
Airbag deployment problems
Transmission housing problems
ECM problems
2015Premature Tire wear
Brake Issues

Other years also had problems, including 2018 and 2019, with electrical issues. However, these problems are easily fixed and not worth qualifying to get on the list.

Infiniti Q50 Years To Avoid: Problems In The Worst Years of Infiniti Q50 Sedans

The following section covers the points in the table and their solutions.

Year 2014

The first year of the Infiniti Q50 had several problems and had the most recalls. These problems included

1.     Steering Problems

One of the notable features of the Infiniti Q50 was the Direct Adaptive Steering System (DAS.) However, it went on to be among the problems the car experienced that year.

The system can develop problems during startup, affecting the vehicle’s responsiveness and the turning radius. Thus, the power steering software is also known to disable the electric steering system when the temperature drops too low.

Consequently, there were two recalls regarding the steering problems. The dealership reprogrammed the ECU software controlling the steering, which solved the issues.

2.     Air Bag Deployment Problems

The airbag deployment problem plagued the first three years of the Infiniti Q50. In case of an accident, the airbag on the front seat passenger would not deploy as expected.

Likewise, the Occupant Classification System (OCS) would fail to identify a person seated on the passenger and deactivate the airbags. In another scenario, the system would detect an adult as a child.

The solutions include reprogramming the OCS and the Airbag Control Unit (ACU.) Also, sometimes the Electronic Control Unit must be replaced to fix the problem. All these solutions were provided free of charge in April 2016 during recall number 16V244000.

3.     Transmission Housing Problems

The transmission housing problem was common on the hybrid Infiniti Q50s of the year 2014. It involved cracks in the transmission assembly, disabling the vehicle.

These problems were caused by damaged housing during manufacturing that might have gone unnoticed. The manufacturer, Nissan, noticed the problem sooner and issued a recall number 14V582000. They inspected and replaced any transmission housing with cracks for free.

4.     Sensor Problems

This problem was also on the Hybrid Infiniti Q50 year 2014 and involved throttle position sensors. A software error would cause any of the two sensors to lose signal.

With the signal lost, the engine control module (ECM) would go to fail-safe mode closing the throttle chamber partially. After regaining the signal, the throttle chamber would open, causing the car to gradually accelerate.

The solutions include reprogramming the ECM, which can cost between $150 and $300. However, Nissan recalled vehicles with these problems, including Infiniti Q50, and fixed the problem free of charge.

Year 2015

By 2015, some of the problems with the previous year of the Infiniti Q50 had been resolved. However, some new and previous issues plagued this model year. They included

1.     Premature Tire Wear

The 2015 Infiniti Q50 standard tires wore out quickly, costing expensive replacements. The problem would occur as early as 10,000 miles with the common problem being splitting at the rim.

Solutions involve replacing the tires, which can cost anywhere between $350 and $650. To avoid frequent replacement, drivers should replace with other tire types which are more durable

2.     Brake Issues

The brakes in the Infiniti Q50 are known to have several issues and also wear out fast. They can wear as early as 5,000 miles, and if not replaced, they can allow damage to brake rotors and calipers.

Moreover, the master cylinder is also known to leak internally, affecting the responsiveness of the brakes. This problem is known to appear after 100,000 miles but sometimes sooner.

Solutions include replacing the brake pads, which can cost as high as $300 each time they wear out. Master Cylinder replacement costs between $400 and $1,000, including labor costs.

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Should I Buy Infiniti Q50?

Though the Infiniti Q50 Sedans have several problems, they are worth trying out as they also have some great qualities. Among them is the sport mode, which is thrilling to drive in, and the eco mode, which helps when cruising in freeways.

Also, not all years have problems; some have few to no reported issues. The consumer rating has also increased, from 76 in 2014 to 80 in 2022. For one, the 2020 model year had the least problems and was among the best Infiniti Q50 year.

If you want to buy a used Infiniti Q50, ensure the previous owner went through all the recalls. Also, avoid a vehicle approaching 100,000 miles which is when most problems happen.


The following are the frequently asked questions on Infiniti Q50 years to avoid and their answers.

Q: Are Infiniti Q50 Problems Costly to Repair?

Most issues in the worst years of the Infiniti Q50 cost below $1,000 to repair. Others are also already fixed by the manufacturers for free.

Q: Are All Infiniti Q50 Years Full of Problems?

Not all Infiniti Q50 years have problems, as some, especially new ones, have fewer problems. After the first two years, only a few problems have been reported annually over the last few years.

Q: Are There the Best Years of Infiniti Q50?

The 2023 model year Infiniti Q50 is predicted to get 93% ratings on JD power which is great. If this is so, 2023, 2022, and 2020 will be among the best years as they have fewer problems.

Bottom Line

We think this article covers Infiniti Q50 years with most issues reported. These years were 2014 and 2015, when many recalls were made due to several failing parts. Also, some of the expensive replacements are in vehicles within these years.

Now, you should be able to tell which years to avoid and for what reasons. Also, in case you already own a model in the worst years, you know the problems to expect and their solutions.

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