Badland Apex vs. ZXR

Badland Apex vs. ZXR: Exploring the Battle of Off-Road Dominance

In the realm of off-road dominance, legends are forged, and boundaries are shattered. As the dust settles and engines roar, the Badland Apex and the ZXR winches emerge as prime examples of unrivaled power and unruly determination. But amidst this thrilling showdown, a question demands an answer:

Badland Apex vs. ZXR, which titan prevails in this adrenaline-fueled battle? Well,  both winches prove to be formidable titans in their own right. The ultimate winner depends on individual preferences and specific off-roading needs. The Badland Apex shines with its advanced features, wireless control, and synthetic rope. And the Badland ZXR impresses with its durability, affordability, and galvanized steel wire rope.

Below we will tell you about their features, performance, off-road capabilities, and more, so you can know your best choice.

An Overview of Badland Apex vs. ZXR

Here is a table illustrating the key features of these two rivals:

Badland ApexVs.Badland ZXR
12,000 lbsLoad Capacity12,000 lbs
SyntheticRope TypeSteel
Wireless remote controlControlWired remote control. You can purchase a wireless remote for an extra $30, though
Series-wound motorMotorSeries-wound motor
Variable line speed up to 8 ft. per minuteLine SpeedVariable line speed up to 8 ft. per minute
Automatic load-holding brakeBrake SystemAutomatic load-holding brake
Both IP68 and IP69KWeather ResistanceIP 66-rated weather resistance
Standard 10″ x 4.5″ mounting patternMountingStandard 10″ x 4.5″ mounting pattern
Roller fairlead includedFairleadHawse fairlead included
Series-WoundMotor TypeSeries-Wound
Integrated storage in winchRemote StorageSeparate storage compartment

Badland Apex Vs. ZXR: Which Winch is the Best for Offroading?

Below we’ll examine critical factors that off-roaders consider when choosing a winch and provide a verdict on which winch is the best choice. Let’s dive in!

1. Wireless Control

Having wireless control capability can greatly enhance convenience and safety during winching operations. The Badland Apex has a wireless remote control, allowing you to operate the winch from a distance. This wireless feature provides freedom of movement and eliminates the hassle of tangled wires. 

On the other hand, the Badland ZXR includes a handheld remote control, which still offers flexibility and control but requires physical proximity to the winch. However, you can purchase a wireless module for an extra $30. 

Verdict: If wireless control is your top priority, the Badland Apex takes the lead with its wireless remote functionality. You won’t spend any additional amount as this wireless remote comes with the Apex winch. 

New Badland Apex

2. Pulling Capacity

The pulling capacity of a winch determines its ability to handle heavy loads. Both the Badland Apex and the ZXR boast a powerful 12,000 lb. capacity. They can handle most off-roading recovery situations. Both winches provide ample strength, whether dealing with large vehicles or challenging recoveries. 

Also, both winches are powered by series-wound motors, which have a reputation for being reliable and robust.

Verdict: It’s a tie in pulling capacity, as both winches offer the same impressive strength.

3. Rope Type and Length

The Badland Apex features a synthetic rope made of UHMW material, measuring 80 ft. in length and 3/8 inches in diameter. This synthetic rope offers exceptional strength and durability while remaining lightweight. 

On the other hand, the Badland ZXR is equipped with a galvanized steel aircraft wire rope measuring 65 ft. in length and 3/8″ in diameter. The steel wire rope provides robust strength and is suitable for heavy-duty applications. And the choice between synthetic and steel wire rope depends on your specific requirements and preferences. 

Synthetic ropes are known for their lightweight and resistance to fraying, while steel wire ropes are praised for their durability and ability to handle high loads.

Verdict: If you prioritize lightweight and flexible rope with excellent strength, the Badland Apex with its synthetic rope is ideal. However, if you prefer the traditional strength and durability of a galvanized steel wire rope, the Badland ZXR is a solid choice.

4. Waterproof Ratings

Off-roading often involves encountering water, mud, and other challenging conditions. Both the Badland Apex and ZXR are designed to handle such situations. The Badland Apex boasts impressive waterproof ratings of IP68 and IP69K, ensuring its protection against dust and powerful water jets. 

Similarly, the Badland ZXR offers an IP66 weather-resistant rating, making it resistant to dust and capable of withstanding water jets. Both winches are engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road environments, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions.

Verdict: If you desire the highest level of waterproof protection, the Badland Apex, with its IP68 and IP69K ratings, provides an edge. However, if you primarily require protection against dust and moderate water exposure, the IP66 rating of the Badland ZXR is more than sufficient.

New Badland ZXR

5. Price

The Badland Apex, with its synthetic rope, advanced features, and wireless control, generally comes at a higher price point of $629. The additional features and premium materials contribute to its higher cost. However, evaluating whether the extra investment aligns with your specific needs and intended use is essential. Check today’s price on Amazon

On the other hand, the Badland ZXR offers a more budget-friendly option at $519 with its durable construction and reliable performance. Despite being cheaper, the winch does not compromise on essential features. It provides excellent value for off-road enthusiasts who prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness. Check Today’s Price on Amazon

Verdict: Consider your budget and the features that are most important to you when making a decision. If you can invest in advanced features and materials, the Badland Apex may be worth the higher price. However, if you seek a more affordable, reliable winch, the Badland ZXR offers a cost-effective option.

6. Additional Features

Both the Badland Apex and the ZXR offer a range of additional features that enhance their performance. The ZX has a three-stage planetary gear system with enhanced torque and control. The Apex, on the other hand, includes a remote control activation indicator. The ZXR also offers a free-spooling clutch for easy deployment.

Verdict: The choice of additional features depends on individual preferences. If a remote control activation indicator is crucial, go for the Badland Apex. If a free-spooling clutch and three-stage planetary gears are your priorities, the Badland ZXR is the way to go.


In the Badland Apex vs. ZXR battle, both winches showcase impressive features and capabilities that make them well-suited for off-roading adventures. The Badland Apex stands out with its wireless control range, synthetic rope, and advanced technologies, offering a powerful and convenient winching experience. 

On the other hand, the Badland ZXR excels with its durable construction, galvanized steel wire rope, and cost-effectiveness. Choosing between the two depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you prioritize wireless control, rope type, waterproof ratings, or other factors, carefully consider the features that align with your off-roading requirements.


Here are some commonly asked questions and answers you might be looking for:

Q: Are Badland Winches Easy to Install?

Yes. The Badland Apex and ZXR winches are designed for relatively easy installation. They typically come with detailed instructions and mounting hardware, making the installation process straightforward. 

Q: Can the Wireless Control of the Badland Apex be Affected by Interference?

Yes. While wireless control provides convenience and flexibility, external interference can affect the signal transmission of wireless winch controllers. Factors such as distance, obstacles, and radio frequency interference can impact the range and reliability of the wireless control.

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