AC Delco 41-162 Vs 41-985

AC Delco 41-162 Vs 41-985: Which One Is Better?

Spark plugs are an essential component of a car’s ignition system. You must have come across AC Delco 41-162 and 41-985 when searching for excellent plugs. Both have their pros and cons and that’s what we are going to look at today.

So, between AC Delco 41-162 Vs 41-985, which one is better? Both of them are excellent choices and excel at individual factors. The 41-162 is designed to operate at a higher temperature and is compatible with a wider range of vehicles. Whereas, the 41-985 excels at better wear resistance and durability.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the end of the comparison. There are a lot of factors to consider before making a decision and that’s what we are here for.

Table: AC Delco 41-162 vs 41-985 Summary

Before jumping into an in-detailed comparison, let’s take a look at a table that will give you a base idea.

Longevity41-985 as it lasts 20000 more
Heat Range41-985 with an additional 1 rating in the heat range
Compatibility41-162 as it’s compatible with Non-GM motor vehicles as well
Price Point41-162 as it is half the price
High Performance41-985 due to its fine wire design
Consistent Performance41-162 due to copper core electrode
Lower misfires41-985 due to its iridium build
Fuel Efficient41-162 due to the tapered cut ground electrode

AC Delco 41-162 Vs 41-985: A Detailed Comparison

Now that you have a base idea of which plug excels at what, it’s time to go in-depth with their differences. 

  1. Heat Range

The capacity of a spark plug to transfer heat from its tip to the cooling system of the engine is referred to as its thermal range. 

The AC Delco 41-985 spark plug has a heat range of 8, making it a cold plug made to remove heat. For high-performance engines that run at high speeds or under a lot of loads, this kind of spark plug is ideal.

And the AC Delco 41-162 spark plug has a heat range of 7, making it almost the same as a 985. So it can be said that both of the plugs are built to blow out heat. However, the 985 is just a bit better at it.

AC Delco 41-162
AC Delco 41-162
  1. Electrode Material

The AC Delco 41-162 consists of a platinum center electrode whereas the 41-985 is built of iridium. Both of the materials have their pros and cons. 

When it comes to longevity, the AC Delco 41-162 is certainly good enough due to its build of platinum which is renowned for its longevity. Similarly, it is also true that the 41-162 excels at providing consistent performance. And it has improved ignitability and fuel efficiency due to its tapered cut ground electrode.

However, the AC Delco 41-162 doesn’t win the race here in terms of longevity. While the 162 lasts around 100,000 miles with proper maintenance, the 985 lasts around 120,000 miles.

Iridium is stronger than platinum with more resistance to wear than platinum and has a higher melting point. Moreover, the iridium build is also known for reducing misfires. 

Thus, if you are opting for a high-performance car, Iridium is the right option here. As speeding can lead to extreme production of heat, the 985 will certainly hold it better.

AC Delco 41-985
AC Delco 41-985
  1. Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, the 41-162 wins due to its wider range of supported vehicles. Starting from trucks to SUVs, the 162 is just compatible with almost all types of vehicles from any manufacturer. 

On the other hand, the 41-985 is built to be compatible with  General Motors vehicles only. 

This is quite a crucial factor if you are searching for a spark plug for a vehicle that is not from General Motors. You don’t have plenty of options but to go with the 41-162. 

  1. Price Point

The AC Delco 41-985 costs more than the 41-162 in terms of price. Given that the AC Delco 41-985 is a more sophisticated spark plug than the AC Delco 41-162, it is obvious why the 985 may be more expensive. The 41-985 has a higher price point since it is more expensive to produce due to the usage of valuable metals in its production. 

Which One To Get and When?

It’s crucial to take your vehicle’s particular requirements into account while deciding between AC Delco 41-162 and 41-985 spark plugs. Both spark plugs have distinct advantages and are made for different kinds of engines.

  • Their heat range is the factor that unites them almost exactly. Even though the 41-985 is better at taking out heat, the 162 isn’t any less. So if you are opting for high speeds and a cooler engine, both of them are excellent choices.
  • However, due to the iridium build, the  41-985 can be said to be a better option for the capability of holding the heat better. 
  • On the other hand, not many options are open for you if you don’t own a General Motor vehicle. The Delco 41-162 is your friend in case of this as it’s compatible with most vehicles.
  • Nevertheless, the 41-162 should be your first choice if you are looking for fuel economy. It accomplishes so because it encourages greater combustion and ignitability. 

The purpose of the tapered cut ground electrode is to focus the electrical energy at the electrode’s tip, producing a bigger, hotter spark. This bigger, hotter spark efficiently ignites the fuel/air mixture, leading to a more thorough combustion process.


Let’s check out some frequently asked questions now.

Q: Can AC Delco 41-162 be used as a replacement for 41-985?

No. Even though they are from the same manufacturers, you cannot use the AC Delco 41-162 as a replacement for 41-985. This is because they have different heat ranges and thread sizes.

Q: How do the performances of the AC Delco 41-162 and 41-985 differ?

41-162 is designed for reliable performance, whereas 41-985 is designed for high performance. The difference is essentially significant overall. They were created for various objectives. 

Q: What do consumers think of the AC Delco 41-162 and 41-985?

Both the Delco 41-162 and the 41-985 have distinct consumer bases, and these people appear to like using them. For both spark plugs, we found more favorable ratings than unfavorable ones. 

Bottom Line

To conclude, when it comes to AC Delco 41-162 vs 41-985, there’s no overall winner. Both of them are just too good as spark plugs. However, if we had to separate the factors, the 41-985 excels at longevity, high performance, and reduced misfires. On the other hand, the 41-162 excels at being fuel efficient, price point, and compatibility. 

Ultimately, for a variety of engines and situations, both of these spark plugs are great choices. You can’t go wrong with any option due to their excellent build quality and dependable performance.

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