2009 Honda Odyssey Problems

5 Common 2009 Honda Odyssey Problems: Causes and Fix

The Honda Odyssey 2009 gives good performance and a comfortable ride. But this vehicle has a number of problems frequently complained about by the owners. These problems must be fixed at the earliest to save your vehicle from irreparable damage. 

But what are the 2009 Honda Odyssey Problems? The common 2009 Honda Odyssey problems are the door not opening/closing, the third-row seat not unlatching, excessive oil consumption, engine misfires, and the car vibrating when braking. To fix these, you need to replace some parts.

In this article, I will discuss what causes Honda Odyssey Problems, a step-by-step guide to these problems, consumer ratings of different websites, and many more. So, please read this whole article to learn more. 

How To Fix 2009 Honda Odyssey Problems?

The Honda Odyssey 2009 has some common problems that have made owners troubled. These problems can be fixed easily if you take proper action on time. So, here is a table with an overview of Honda Odyssey 2009 problems, causes, and fixes. Check it out here:

Problems CauseFix
Door not opening/closingDamaged door lock actuatorReplace the door lock actuator
The third-row seat is not latchingWorn-out latch cablesReplace latch cables
Excessive oil consumptionOil accumulationReplace spark plugs
Engine misfiresLow fuel pressureClogged fuel filter
Vibration during brakingBad front brake rotorsReplace the brake rotor

What Causes 2009 Honda Odyssey Problems?

The Honda Odyssey 2009 problems have multiple causes behind it. When you recognize the cause, it gets easier for you to fix the problem accordingly. That’s why, I have listed out the causes of these problems below. Please have a look at it: 

Damaged door lock actuator

The damaged door lock actuator can cause your vehicle’s door to stay closed or open. The door lock actuator is the main mechanism that allows the door to open or close. But when this mechanism goes bad, the door actuator won’t be able to open the door or lock the door. 

The door actuator can go bad because the electrical contacts in the door actuator can wear out over time. It prevents the door actuator from working.

Damaged door lock actuator Honda Odyssey 2009

Fix: Replace the door lock actuator

Step 1: Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery terminal 

Step 2: Find the location of the door latch and start taking off the fasteners 

Step 3: Remove the door latch panel

Step 4: Detach the wiring harness, cables, and connectors

Step 5: Carefully remove the door latch 

Step 6: Now install the new door latch 

Step 7: Replace back everything

Step 8: Put back the door latch panel again

Worn-out latch cables

The worn-out latch cables can cause the vehicle’s third-row seat to not unlatch. The latch cables get released when you push force to the handle to release the latch. 

But when the latch cable is worn out, it cannot function. As a result, when you try to unlatch the vehicle from the third-row seat, it won’t unlatch. 

Fix: Replace the worn-out latch cables 

Step 1: Find out the location of the latch cables

Step 2: Take off the interior panels to get access to the latch cable 

Step 3: Take a plier and detach the old worn out latch cable from the lever

Step 4: Now mount the new latch cable and connect it to the lever 

Step 5: Tighten it properly

Step 6: Replace back everything

Oil accumulation

The oil accumulation on the engine can cause the vehicle to have excessive oil consumption. The most common cause of this problem is an oil leak in the engine. When there is an oil leak, it drops on the engine and accumulates there. 

As a result, the engine cannot transfer oil for the combustion process. When the oil keeps burning, it increases the oil consumption. 

Fix: Replace spark plugs

Step 1: Cool down the engine

Step 2: Disconnect the negative battery terminal 

Step 3: Take off the connectors and wires

Step 4: Take off the spark plug with a socket wrench

Step 5: Mount the new spark plug in the system

Step 6: Replace back everything

Low fuel pressure

Low fuel pressure can cause engine misfire problems. The engine gets low fuel pressure due to the clogged-up filter. When the filter is accumulated with dirt, the fuel cannot transfer oil to the engine for the combustion process.

It creates a disbalance in the air-fuel mixture. So, due to the lack of oil the engine misfires. 

Fix: Replace the oil filter

Step 1: Place your vehicle on a flat-level surface

Step 2: Find out the location of the oil filter 

 Step 3: You have to drain the oil. Take a pan underneath so that the oil doesn’t drop

Step 4: Now remove the oil filter carefully

Step 5: Clean the engine mount with a rag

Step 6: Install the new oil filter

Bad brake rotors

Bad brake rotors can cause your vehicle to vibrate during braking. It happens when the brake pads come in touch with the rotor surface. The bad brake rotors create vibration getting clashed with brake pads. It creates vibration when you brake the vehicle.

Fix: Replace the brake rotors 

Step 1: Place the vehicle on a flat-level surface

Step 2: Secure the vehicle with a jack stand

Step 3: Take off the wheel’s lug nut

Step 4: Take off the brake caliper and brackets

Step 5: Loosen the bolts of the brake rotors

Step 6: Carefully remove the brake rotor

Step 7: Install new brake rotor

Step 8: Replace back everything 

Consumer Ratings Of 2009 Honda Odyssey Problems

Owners have rated the Honda Odyssey 2009 on different websites. So, I have cataloged these ratings for you in a table. Please check it out to know what ratings owners have for this vehicle: 

Honda Odyssey 2009Ratings
Vehicle History4.4/5
J.D Power79/100
U.S News And World Report8.6/10
Kelley Blue Book4.5/5

Is Honda Odyssey 2009 Reliable?

The Honda Odyssey 2009 is undoubtedly a reliable car. This vehicle also gives good performance in crash testing. You won’t need to spend much money on this vehicle’s maintenance. And If you want a car that provides a comfortable ride and ensure safety, you can consider this vehicle.

The Honda Odyssey 2009 also has good ratings on the websites. But like every other vehicle, this vehicle has also got a few problems. These problems can be recovered if you fix them at the earliest. Otherwise, you may put your life at risk as some of the problems are life-taking. 

More than that, proper maintenance is needed. If you do not maintain the car well, then you may consider encountering these problems frequently. 


The owners of the Honda Odyssey 2009 have some frequent questions regarding the problems. I have answered these questions below. Please check it out here:

Q. How Many Miles Will A Honda Odyssey 2009 Last? 

Honda Odyssey 2009 has a life expectancy of up to 300,000 miles. It is around 26 years. But please know that, if you do not maintain the car properly, then the lifespan can be reduced.

Q. Is Honda Odyssey 2009 Easy To Maintain?

Yes. The Honda Odyssey 2009 is easy to maintain. It takes around $539 annually to maintain this vehicle.

Q. What Is The Cost of The Honda Odyssey 2009?

The cost of the Honda Odyssey 2009 is $26,355. As this vehicle provides a number of good features to the owners, the price of the vehicle is understandable.

Final Words

The 2009 Honda Odyssey provides good performance to the owners. But sometimes, this vehicle can come up with several issues such as the door not opening or closing, the third-row seat not unlatching, engine misfire, engine vibration, excessive oil consumption, etc. You have to replace some parts to fix these problems. Cool, we have already provided step-by-step solutions to the 2009 Honda Odyssey problems. You have to solve the problem at the earliest. Please keep in mind that you should take proper care of the vehicle to avoid these problems in the future. 

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