2006 BMW 750li Problems

2006 BMW 750li Problems: 5 Troubleshooting Tips

2006 BMW 750li comes with a strong powertrain, and it is capable of providing a sporty driving experience. You will surely like its roomy interior, comfortable seats, impressive fit and finish, and high-quality materials. But with this car, you may experience some annoying issues.

The most common 2006 BMW 750li problems are check engine light, battery issues, oil leaks, wheel vibration, and lousy engine air filter. None of these issues happened by themselves. Several factors lead to each of these troubles.

In today’s article, we will disclose all those causes with their easy solutions. So, let’s dive into the main discussion:

2006 BMW 750li Problems: 5 Easy Solutions

When driving your 2006 BMW 750LI, you can face several troubles. The factors causing each of these troubles and their effective solutions are:

1. Check Engine Light

The owners of the 2006 BMW 750LI reported that while driving BMW at an undisclosed speed, several check lights or strange warning lights were illuminated.

Additionally, they see the oil leaking onto the engine and the ground. During driving the car at various speeds, the car’s electrical components shut off without warning. So it’s another problem.

What Causes Check Engine Light On Your 2006 BMW 750li?

Your BMW car can flash the check engine light for different reasons. Those are:

i. Bad Spark Plugs

When the spark plugs on your BMW car become bad or stop working, your car’s engine senses it. And ultimately, your vehicle flashes the check engine light.

ii. Bad Catalytic Converter

Your BMW exhaust system’s important part is the catalytic converter. Its function is to turn the carbon monoxide into the carbon dioxide that the combustion process creates. Generally, due to neglected maintenance, the catalytic converter becomes damaged.

iii. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The O2 sensor or oxygen sensor measures the exhaust system’s deposit of oxygen. When the exhaust system has excess oxygen, fuel burns faster, and your BMW car becomes less productive in fuel economy. Whenever your car senses the less productive issue, the engine light appears.

How To Fix BMW’s Check Engine Light?

  • Check the spark plugs and replace the bad plugs
  • Replace the faulty catalytic converter and defective oxygen sensor

2. Battery Issue

A low or dead battery is another problem with your BMW car. Your BMW’s main part is the battery. Without a battery, your car won’t light up the road ahead and won’t start or play the radio.

But the car’s battery becomes corroded or dead over time for constant use. And when such a thing happens, it creates trouble in your car.

How To Fix Battery Issues on Your BMW Car?

  • Properly maintain your car’s battery
  • When the battery becomes dead or low, replace it

3. Faulty Engine Air Filter

The defective engine air filter is another problem of the BMW vehicle. It causes strange engine noises, lower mileage, poor performance and acceleration, black flames or smoke in your exhaust, etc. If you experience any issues with your car’s engine, ensure the air filter isn’t working.

What Causes Your BMW’s Air Filter Problems?

The following factors are responsible for creating issues in your BMW car’s engine air filter.

i. Aged Filter

When the engine air filter becomes bad or has been used for many years, its performance starts reducing. It can’t perform like before, and ultimately it causes different issues in your car.

ii. Dirty Air Filter

The dirty air filter is an obvious sign that it is clogged with filth. Whether the air filter is dirty or not, ensure it by visually inspecting.

2006 BMW 750li Engine Problems

A brand new air filter’s color is off-white or white. But when it becomes dirty, it will appear as darker with visible dirt and debris.

iii. Manufacturing Defects

Sometimes due to manufacturing defects, even the brand-new engine air filter starts malfunctioning. This is also common.

How To Fix The Engine Air Filter On Your 2006 BMW 750li Car?

  • Contact the mechanic to replace the aged air filter
  • Properly clean the air filter and remove its clog
  • If the filter has any manufacturing defects, immediately contact the manufacturer and ask for solutions

4. Oil Leaks

BMW owners often complain that their vehicle leaks oil from the lower engine area. Usually, when one of the seals or valves wears out, the oil leaks into your car.

Also, the oil can start leaking in your BMW vehicle due to a simple error. Oil leaks damage your car engine’s other parts also.

What Causes Oil Leaks in Your 2006 BMW Car?

For the following reasons, the oil can leak from your BMW car:

i. Faulty Seals Or Valves

Often the oil leaks originate from defective seals or valves. It is a common reason for oil leaks in your car.

ii. Bad Gasket

Another factor that causes an oil leak in your BMW car is the defective gasket. When the gasket malfunctions, it can’t perform well, and oil starts leaking in your car.

How To Fix Your BMW’s Oil Leaks?

  • Clean or patch the seal or valves and replace the bad seal
  • Replace the entirely bad gasket or seal

5. Wheels Vibration

BMWs are designed with performance and style in mind. It aims to provide you with a smooth ride. But when your BMW’s wheels start vibrating, this smooth riding experience can be interrupted.

The vibrating wheel provides an up-and-down motion feeling in your vehicle’s cabin. You can feel the vibration in your seat, the brake pad, or even the steering wheel.

What Causes Wheels Vibration On Your BMW Car?

There are plenty of reasons why your BMW’s wheels can vibrate. Some of the most common causes are:

i. Defective Tires

The vibrations can happen in your 2006 BMW’s wheels out of balance of the malfunctioning tires. If vibration happens during your driving time, it can be dangerous.

ii. Bent Wheel

When suddenly or for any reason, the wheels on your BMW car get bent, it causes vibration from your BMW’s wheels.

iii. Worn Driveline U-joint

It is another reason for generating vibrations from the wheels of your 2006 BMW car.

How To Fix 2006 BMW’s Wheel Vibrations?

  • Contact your trusted mechanic instantly if you ever experience your car’s wheel vibrating.
  • Take note of when the vibrations happen and at what speed.
  • Check and replace the faulty tires, bent wheels, and worn driveline U-joint
  • Take the expert’s help for wheel alignment

Frequently Asked Questions

What engine does a 2006 BMW 750LI have?

2006 BMW 750LI has a 4.8 L V8 engine.

How fast is the 2006 BMW 750Li?

The 2006 BMW is fast enough as it runs at a 155 mph governed top speed.

Why is my BMW 750LI shaking?

Your BMW 750LI is shaking due to tire issues. When your vehicle’s tire becomes out of balance or worn out, it behaves differently. Its common solution is tire replacement.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, now you have clear insights into your 2006 BMW 750Li problems, their causes, and solutions. The 2006 BMW car’s reliability is average compared to the other brands. So it’s obvious that less reliability brings more issues.

So if you face any hitches with this car, we recommend you contact the expert immediately to solve your car’s issue. You can comment if you experience any new problem we didn’t discuss in our above discussion. We will reply to you soon.

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