Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs? The Unique Feature

Having and discovering Easter eggs in cars with hidden messages, any features, images, or graphics is always fun for car owners. Because people enjoy surprises and always become excited to look forward to them, that’s the strategy companies use to attract consumers. 

But do all Jeeps have easter eggs? Yes, all Jeeps built after the ‘90s have a variety of hidden easter eggs. Common places where you will find the easter eggs are under or on the window, on the wheels, under windshield wipers, on the gear shifter, and on the fuel door.

How many easter eggs does my Jeep have? How to find those? All these questions might be roaming in your mind out of curiosity. To quench your curiosity and quickly find them, keep reading. 

What Are Jeep Easter Eggs?

Jeep easter eggs are tiny surprises that are added in the hidden places on Jeeps. These easter eggs draw the attention of customers and are especially known as the crowd puller. Though these have been included in the Jeep since 1997, recently, many people are showing interest in them. 

Generally, easter eggs were built to give an authentic structure to the parts of the Jeep. It’s safe to say that these tiny details are not easy to copy. 

Apart from that, these are tiny efforts to give joy to the customer. It’s more like hide-and-seek. The symbols are hidden, and people need to find them. The purpose of adding easter eggs is to introduce creativity and bring joy to the consumer. 

Meanwhile, some of the symbols carry meanings. While others are only used as a sense of art. 

Table: Different Easter Eggs in Jeeps With Location

Easter eggs can be hidden anywhere in the Jeep. Some are easily noticeable, while some are placed out of sight. To ease the hunting session, the location of some popular easter eggs is given below.

Easter eggsLocation
Gecko easter eggIn the gap cap
Spider easter eggNear the windshield wiper
Jeep logo easter eggOn the windshield

Around the wheel

Around the rims
Morse code easter logoOn the footrest

Around the paddles
WWII Willys logoOn the head or tail lights

Near the rearview mirror

Tiny sasquatchOn the rear window

Under the windshield
Orange paint splatterOn tachometer
Flip- flopOn the windshield

Do All Jeeps Have Easter Eggs?

Yes, all the Jeeps have easter eggs, especially those built after 1990. There are a variety of easter eggs found in different Jeeps. Well, these eggs are not the same and vary in their meaning. Some are used only for creativity and have no meaning. 

These can be located on the windshield, passenger seat, windshield cowl, fuel cap, steering, paddles, windows, rearview mirror, roof, door, and fuel cap. Also, the engine can have these easter eggs. 

Jeep Wrangler Easter Eggs

Jeep Wrangler was the first to use easter eggs. They started the trend in 1997 and settled it, which is now being carried by other Jeeps as well. Moreover, they started putting the easter egg in unnoticeable places. So that when people find them, it can double their happiness. 

Well, you can find some common easter eggs, such as ‘Jeep’ written on the steering horn or the fuel cap. 

Moreover, flip-flops and a 7-bar grill are also found near the windshield. You just need to search the windshield properly so that you do not miss it.

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Jeep Renegade Easter Eggs

Renegade has some unique easter eggs which are not found on Jeeps. As a result, many might find the easter eggs interesting and creative. 

In the new Renegade Jeep of 2019, a unique easter egg is observed, which says ‘To New Adventures!’ The users find it quite motivating throughout the road. 

Also, color splatter is found on the tachometer. Well, it looks like someone has splashed a tiny amount of color in the tachometer.

Grills are placed near the wheels or on the rearview mirror. Most of the easter eggs are located surrounding the windshield. You have to observe closely to find all the hidden easter eggs. 

Jeep Cherokee Easter Eggs

Like other Jeeps, Cherokee also has several easter eggs. Some are hard to notice, though they are right in front of your eyes.

You will find the ‘Willys Jeep’ easter egg near the windshield. There is also ‘Since 1941’, which is like a trademark near the horn or on the steering wheel. It bears the history of the brand.

There is also a Map coordinate which is found just below the seats. You will need to check at the bottom of the seat to find this easter egg.

Moreover, there is also a seven-slot grille found near the windshield, on the head or tail lights, and on the wheels. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Easter Eggs

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is built as the successor to the Jeep Cherokee. Still, both of them have easter eggs in different places. 

There is always a seven-slot design present near the wheel area. It can be at the center or around it. You can also find seven-slot grit on the windshield and headlights. There is sometimes Willy’s jeep on the window of the car or on the seats. 

The American flag is the obvious sign of noticing at the back of the jeep. Also, the dashboard area might have a ‘since 1941’ tag. Moreover, in the windows, you can find Jeep logos. 

Apart from that, under the hood, you might find a 313 area code. While on the fuel cap, you can see Willy’s jeep somehow at the corner. These are the common easter eggs noticed in the Jeep.

Jeep Gladiator Easter Eggs

Jeep Gladiators generally have Easter eggs in obvious places., such as, Willy’s easter eggs are found in the windshield or on the wheels. It can also be found on the gauge cluster. 

Besides, flip-flops might be observed on the windshield cowl. There is also a ‘419’ written on the Jeep bed, which is accompanied by a heart in front of it. Tiny tool designs are also noticed in the hinge of the jeep. 

Moreover, the steering wheel comes with a Jeep logo. At the center of the headlights, you will be able to see a grill as well. 

Jeep Compass Easter Eggs

The Jeep Compass has some interesting animal symbols. A Gecko and Loch Ness monsters are found on the windshield or windshield cowl. You will be able to easily notice them when you are driving. 

Well, the Jeep logo can be seen almost everywhere, from the floor mats to the screen whenever you start the Jeep. Also, below the headlights, the Jeep logo is curved. 

Besides, morse code can be discovered on the pedal. Apart from that, a seven-slot grill is present at the cup holder of each door, at the back, and above the trunk. 

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Easter Eggs 

Interesting easter eggs are also observed in the Grand Wagoneer. Generally, the driver’s grill has a tiny Willy’s Jeep on it. And just above the front grill, you will notice America written. 

Inside the rocker, there are 586 engraved. At the back door and driver’s door, a small grand Wagoneer is placed. On the radiator cover, you can also find an American flag and a small grand wagoneer. 

Around the vent, you will notice a tiny Grand Wagoneer with ‘EST. 1963’ written on it. Apart from that, the Grand Wagoneer has great features which make it even more interesting. 


Overall, finding easter eggs can be a source of joy to the user. As different symbols and animals are also used as easter eggs, it also attracts youngsters. 

For a quick recap, do all Jeeps have easter eggs? Well, all Jeeps come with different easter eggs at different places and can be found by hunting them.

Providing joy and better facilities surely increases the value of the Jeep. The company wanted to give its unique touch to the Jeep, which has entertained the consumers. Overall, it has rather increased the acceptability of these creative ideas.

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