3157 Vs 3157A Light Bulbs

3157 Vs 3157A Light Bulbs – What Are The Differences Or Similarities?

Light bulbs are very commonly used in automotive lighting applications, such as turn signals, brake lights, and running lights. And while sometimes, some models may look the same because of some similarities in appearance, the lights also have some differences. The 3157 and 3157A are two such light bulbs. When it comes to 3157 vs 3157A bulbs, what are the differences or similarities?

Both 3157 and 3157A bulbs have the same outer shape and base. But, the 3157 bulb has a white color while the 3157A has an amber shade. And the 3157 light bulb draws a comparatively lower current than the other model, whether in low or high-intensity mode.

In this article, I have compared both bulb models to highlight their similarities and differences. So feel free to check out the full article to find out more about the 3157 and 3157 vehicle light bulbs.

3157 Vs 3157A Light Bulbs: Comparison Table

AMP2.1/0.59 amps
Volt12 Volts‎14.5 Volts
Wattage In High-Intensity Mode‎26.88 watts‎26.88 watts
Finish ColorWhiteAmber
Average Lifetime1000-5000 uses1200-5000 uses

3157 Vs 3157A Light Bulb

The 3157 light bulb is probably one of the most commonly used light bulbs for vehicles. From brake lights to running lights, it is used for many purposes. The same goes for the 3157 model. However, as you have seen from the comparison table above, they do have some power and performance differences.

Here is more on these 2 bulbs.

Dual Filament

The 3157 bulb has two filaments, which allow it to operate at two different brightness levels. The 3157A bulb has the same dual filament design. The brighter filament is used for the brake light and turn signal functions. On the other hand, the lower brightness filament is used for running its light function.

3157 Light Bulbs


The 3157 bulb has a standard size of 2.94 x 1 x 4.75 inches. And it also has a wedge-style base. The 3157A bulb is also similar in size, as both bulbs have the same wedge base. And this makes both bulbs widely available for most automotive applications.


One of the most significant and noticeable differences between the two bulbs is their color. The 3157 light bulb is white, while the 3157A bulb has an orange color, which illuminates an amber glow.

3157A Light Bulbs
3157A Light Bulbs


Both the 3157 and 3157A bulbs are designed to have a longer lifespan than other regular lights. Depending on various factors, such as light models and maintenance, both lights can last an average of 1000-5000 hours of use.

Electrical Current

The 3157A bulb has slightly different electrical specifications than the 3157 bulb. Specifically, it draws less current when used in low-intensity mode but the same amount of current when used in high-intensity mode.


The 3157A bulb is generally considered to be slightly brighter than the 3157 bulb, with a cooler color temperature. But that is pretty obvious, given the fact that the 3157A is more powerful than the 3157 bulb. 

3157 Vs 3157A Light Bulbs: Which One Is Better?

Whether the 3157 or 3157A bulb is better depends on why the user wants to use it and on the user’s personal preference. Both bulbs are widely used in automotive applications and have pretty similar features. However, there are some differences between the two as well.

While the 3157 and 3157A bulbs are similar, they are not interchangeable in all cases. The 3157 bulb typically draws slightly more current in both low and high-intensity modes compared to the 3157A bulb. 

The illuminated color of the bulbs, which are white and amber, also makes the differences more noticeable. And it also depends on the user to decide which one they prefer most.

Final Words

When it comes to 3157 vs 3157A light bulbs, it is hard to find many differences as both bulbs are similar in many ways. Yet, they can be different or perform differently based on the type of vehicle you want to install them in. And that is why it’s important to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult a trusted mechanic to ensure you use the appropriate bulb for your specific application.

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