Grand Cherokee WL Vs. WK Which One Is Better For You

Grand Cherokee WL Vs WK: Which One Is Better For You?

Grand Cherokee WK and WL are two of the different versions of the famous Jeep Grand Cherokee. The WK is the 3rd generation, and the WL is an updated and improvised version available from 2021. At first appearance, both Grand Cherokee WL and WK might look familiar, but they have a world of nitpick differences that sets both SUVs apart. 

So, which one is better for your budget, drivability, and riding comfort, “Grand Cherokee WL vs WK? What are their top differences and similarities? Also, are their pricing difference too much and is it going to impact your buying decision?”

To answer all these questions shortly, Cherokee WL stands out with its most advanced infotainment system, thanks to its Uconnect 5 functionality. Also, it has 110 standard safety features, many of which are also available for the Grand Cherokee WK version. 

However, in practical life, both SUVs offer incredible performance in both regular and off-road riding. So, let’s see their in-depth comparison to find which one is better for your best driving experience. 

Grand Cherokee WL Vs WK Specs

SpecificationGrand Cherokee WLGrand Cherokee WK
Length189.8 inches189.8 inches
Width76.5 inches76.5 inches
Height69.3 inches69.3 inches
Wheelbase114.7 inches114.8 inches
Engine OptionsMultiple engine options with standard 3.6L engine Available in 3.6L engine with upgrading facility to V8 
Horsepower 293HP290HP 
Transmission Options8-speed automatic8-speed automatic
Seating Capacity5 or 7 passengers (3-row version available) 5 passengers (3-row version not available 
Cargo Space (Max)70.8 cu. Ft. Up to 68.3 cubic feet
Towing Capacity6,200 pounds3500 pounds
Off-Road CapabilityExceptional off-road prowessStrong off-road capabilities

As you see in the table, both Grand Cherokees have almost identical facilities. However, the WL version is a clear winner in towing capacity with almost 1.8X more towing capacity. Now, let’s consider their features, performance, driving facility, and safety features to gain a better insight into the two excellent SUVs of the decade. 

Grand Cherokee WL Vs WK: Detailed Comparison

Grand Cherokee has been ruling the mid-sized SUV market since 1992. It has seen generational updates in the past. Following it, the Grand Cherokee WK is the 3rd generation in the Grand Cherokee line and has been in the market since 2005. On the other hand, Grand Cherokee WL is the 5th generation that Jeep introduced in 2021. 

Grand Cherokee WL Vs WK

Due to their gaps in generations, both SUVs have distinctive looks, features, performance, etc. 

Different in Features

The Grand Cherokee WL offers a number of new features over the WK, which makes it a feature-packed choice. The WL interior has soft-touch materials throughout. Also, it is available both in wood and leather trim for your budget and preference. The WK interior is, no doubt, comfortable. However, it uses more hard plastics and less premium materials.

Another excellent upgrade of the WL version is its new Uconnect 5 infotainment system with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. It’s one of the most advanced infotainment systems. It has a large, responsive touchscreen display and multiple high-end features, including:

  • Apple CarPlay 
  • Android Auto
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Navigation and voice recognition

The WK, on the other hand, has a smaller, 8.4-inch touchscreen display. Also, its Uconnect system is not so advanced.

Next, you will love the digital instrument cluster in the WL. It has a high resolution for better visibility. Also, you can quickly customize it to show different information, such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and navigation directions. The WK includes a 7.6-inch instrument cluster. It offers a nice performance, but not as good as the WL. 

Safety Features:

Grand Cherokee is famous for its excellent off-roading capacity that comes through incredible safety features. You will know why the SUV is famous for its outstanding safety features when you ride both the WK and WL versions. 

The WL includes 110 standard and premium safety features. A few of its standard safety features are: 

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Additional safety features are available, too. It includes the following ones:

  • Night vision
  • Head-up display
  • 360-degree camera system.

The WK also has all standard safety features. Nonetheless, the WL offers a wider range of features and more advanced technologies. So, you will enjoy better safety while riding Cherokee WL. 

Safety Features


The Grand Cherokee WK and WL both come with the standard 3.6L V6 engine. Both engines are 8-speed automatic for excellent and smooth riding comfort on any road. However, the WL version is available in V8 and plug-in hybrid engines too. 

The plug-in hybrid engine offers an all-electric range of up to 31 miles with a maximum speed of 80MPH. Also, it charges within 3 hours, which is incredible. On the other hand, the V6 engine is the only standard engine for the Grand Cherokee WK version. Its V8 engine is the only available upgrade.

Hence, for engine performance, the WK version lags behind the WL model. And for horsepower, both WK and WL offer almost equal performance at 293HP and 290HP capacity. 

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of the Grand Cherokee WL varies due to its engine and drivetrain. The V6 engine of the Grand Cherokee WK 2022 is the most fuel-efficient option. It has an EPA rating of up to 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. 

The V8 engine is less fuel-efficient. It offers 17 mpg and 23 mpg on cities and highways, respectively. The plug-in hybrid engine is the most fuel-efficient option. With it, you can get 70 MPGe in electric mode and 23 MPG in combined mode.

The fuel economy of the Grand Cherokee WK is also better with the V6 engine. You can get 24mPG on highways and 19 MPG in cities.

Interior comfort and design:

Grand Cherokee is one of the comfiest SUVs on the market. It continues to impress people with excellent interiors packed with comfier features for both its WL and WK models. The Grand Cherokee WL is more spacious with its 105.2 cubic feet of space. On the other side, WK has 102 cubic feet of space. Also, WL offers a more comfortable interior than the WK. 

Its front seats are more supportive, and the rear seats offer more legroom. The WL also has a quieter interior.

The Grand Cherokee WL is filled with premium materials with brilliant finishes. The dashboard, seats, and door panels are all made of high-quality materials. The WK interior is also comfortable, but it uses more hard plastics, which often compromises with its premium feel. 

SUV owners often love a quieter environment. Regarding this, you will love the quieter interior of the Grand Cherokee WL than the WL version. It includes improved sound insulation and a new active noise cancellation system for your peace of mind. 

Besides, its interior has the premium 9-speaker McIntosh surround-sound system for its highest trim version. It will provide you with the most amazing listening experience. Nonetheless, Grand Cherokee WL stays caught up, thanks to its 19-speaker Harman/Kardon system. Or you can get the Boston Acoustic with 6-speakers. 

Interior comfort and design

Exterior Appearance

The Grand Cherokee WL has a more modern and sophisticated exterior design with a shining and stylish appearance. The front grille is wider, and the headlights are more angular. It features a wider front grille and a more aggressive front fascia than the WK.

So, you will enjoy its sporty and modern elegance more. The WL has a streamlined profile, but it’s more of a conventional one. 

Both Grand Cherokee WL and WK have standard LED headlights and taillights. However, the taillights are incandescent for the WK model. For wheels, you will get the 18-inch wheels for the WL and WK versions. 

Drivability Performance:

The Grand Cherokee WL handles your off-roading experience better than the WK. It has a more responsive steering system and a more comfortable ride. So, maneuvering it is as easy as it gets. No doubt, the WL is easier to maneuver in tight spaces thanks to its tighter turning radius. 

Also, with its potent engine, you can reach 0 to 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds, whereas WK takes approximately 6.6 seconds. If you love speed, the WL version is thus a preferable one. On top of it, with better suspension, WL can absorb bumps more easily for excellent off-roading capacity. 

Off-Road Capability

Both the Grand Cherokee WL and WK are more than capable off-road vehicles. It’s not a wonder since the Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for its off-roading performance. 

Nonetheless, WL offers more advanced off-road features. It includes:

  • Quadra-Drive II four-wheel drive system 
  • Electronic limited-slip differential. 

The WK, of course, has the standard four-wheel drive systems. But, it’s not as advanced, adaptive, and responsive as WL, which slightly puts it back for off-roading performance. Users have praised the off-roading experience for both versions. Also know about How Much Does A Jeep Cherokee Weigh?


The Grand Cherokee WL is more expensive than the WK. The WL starts at $40,120, while the WK starts at $38,575. As you see, the starting price difference is almost negligible, particularly with its high-end and premium features. 

The Grand Cherokee WL has more features than the Grand Cherokee WK, including a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, and versatile safety features.

Grand Cherokee WL Vs WK: Which One Is Better for Whom?

The Grand Cherokee WL is the better choice as a luxurious, comfortable, and technologically advanced SUV. Also, if you want a more fuel-efficient or environment-friendly SUV, you can choose its hybrid plug-in version. 

On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee WK is the better choice on a budget. Its traditional look might be a good choice if you prefer a conventional Jeep. Also read: Do Jeep Grand Cherokees Hold Good Resale Value

Final Thought

Grand Cherokee WL vs WK comparison shows that the WL is an advanced and feature-packed SUV. You can get it in both 2-row and 3-row versions. However, the Grand Cherokee, with its reliability, dependability, and traditional appearance, is still an excellent choice. 

The Grand Cherokee WL is a touch expensive, but it has better performance and handling. So, we leave the decision to you to choose between Grand Cherokee WK vs. WL. Also, we would eagerly wait to hear from you to know your selection process between these two brilliant mid-sized SUVs. 

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