How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler?

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler?

People lift Jeep Wranglers to accommodate larger tires, better visibility, and off-roading capacity. But, before lifting the Jeep Wrangler, you must know the cost since it can be expensive. On average, the cost to lift Jeep Wranglers can be $500 to $10000, or even more. 

Since it’s an expensive task, you must know the ins and outs of how much does it cost to lift a Jeep Wrangler. The cost includes the price of Jeep Wrangler lifting and modifying components and labor costs. You can choose the Body Lift Kit, which is available for around $100 – $500, or the Budget Boost Kit for $200 – $1,000. 

Also, there is the Coil Spring Lift Kit for $500 – $2,000 and the Suspension Lift Kit, which is gettable at $1,000 – $5,000 or more. So, let’s look at each kit available for lifting a Jeep Wrangler to understand the overall cost. 

Benefits of Lifting a Jeep Wrangler:

When you lift a Jeep Wrangler, you will enjoy better visibility and off-roading performance and can equip with bigger tires. 

Benefits of Lifting a Jeep Wrangler

Improved Off-Road Performance:

A lifted Jeep Wrangler can significantly enhance its off-road capabilities. Your Jeep can conquer challenging terrains, and navigate obstacles and rough trails, thanks to its increased ground clearance. You can get a 2.5-inch to 4-inch more ground clearance with the li8fting. So, whether rock crawling, mudding, or tackling uneven terrain, a lifted Jeep will be there for your needs. 

Enhanced Visibility:

A lifted Jeep offers better visibility on the road. Typically, the Jeep Wrangler has a lower front than the seats and the SUV itself. You may increase the height further for an even better seeing capacity. Or else, you can use the budget kit to level up for purposeful and easy driving. 

You’ll have a commanding view of the terrain ahead with enhanced visibility. It is beneficial when navigating through dense forests or steep inclines. Improved visibility offers increased safety with easy off-road maneuvers.

Bigger Tire Options:

Lifting your Jeep creates more space in the wheel wells. It enables you to fit larger tires. Hence, the bigger tires offer several advantages:

  • Enhanced traction
  • Improved off-road performance
  • More aggressive appearance

Plus, the bigger tires help Jeep traverse obstacles more smoothly. It will also provide better flotation in mud or sand.

Problems of Lifting a Jeep Wrangler:

Although lifting a Jeep Wrangler adds charm to its look and driving capacity, it also alters handling. You may even experience enhanced gravitational force, which might reduce fuel efficiency. 

Problems of Lifting a Jeep Wrangler

Increased Center of Gravity:

Lifting a Jeep raises its center of gravity. It can make the SUV less stable on the road. Plus, the increased height may lead to a higher risk of rollovers. It is perilous when taking sharp turns at high speeds. 

To mitigate this issue, drive cautiously. You should also be mindful of Jeep’s altered dynamics once you lift it. 

Altered Handling:

A lifted Jeep can have a noticeable impact on its handling characteristics. You may experience a rougher ride, decreased on-road comfort, and reduced cornering stability. Modifying the suspension and steering geometry can affect the regular behavior of Jeep on the road. 

Therefore, getting used to it after the modification will take some time. 

Additional Costs:

Undoubtedly, the initial cost of a lift kit is a significant expense. However, you must consider additional costs that may arise. Depending on the lift height and type, you must invest in complementary modifications such as steering stabilizers, brake upgrades, gear ratio changes, and extended drivelines. 

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Jeep Wrangler?

The cost to lift the Jeep Wrangler depends heavily on its lifting type. On average, you will need to pay $500 to $10000 to raise Jeep Wranglers. The cost of lifting a Jeep Wrangler depends on the type of lift kit you use for the Jeep Wrangler.

Type of Jeep Wrangler Lift KitEstimated Cost
Body Lift Kit$300 – $700
Economy/Budget Boost Kit$400 – $1,000
Coil Spring Lift Kit$500 – $2,000
Suspension Lift Kit$1,000 – $5,000 or more
Short Arm Lift Kit$1,000 – $3,000
Long Arm Lift Kit$2,000 – $6,000 or more

Body Lift Kit:

A body lift kit raises the body of the Jeep 1-inch to 3-inch higher off the frame. It uses spacers or blocks without any shocks and without any additional ground clearance. All you can do is to get larger tires and an aggressive-looking Jeep Wrangler. 

It is inexpensive and maintains factory suspension geometry. However, it may require additional modifications for larger tires.

Economy/Budget Boost Kit:

The budget boost kit might be the answer to an affordable way to give your Jeep a lift. It typically includes coil spacers or strut extensions that substantially increase ride height. With a budget boost kit, you can expect to add around 1 to 2 inches of extra height to your Jeep.

The main difference between budget and main body kit lift is the use of polyurethane coil. The thick polyurethane kit will be on top of the Jeep’s spring for better stability in budget kits. It won’t break the bank and is relatively easy to install. Plus, it enhances your Jeep’s appearance, commanding it on the road.

Nonetheless, budget boost kits aren’t designed for extensive off-roading. They’re better suited for those who want a subtle lift and improved aesthetics without venturing into rugged terrains. So, consider these limitations of the budget boost kit for Jeep Wrangler before choosing them. 

Coil Spring Lift Kit:

For those seeking more lift, coil spring lift kits step up. The coil spring will replace your stock coil springs with taller ones for an improved height. With it, you can achieve lift heights, often falling within the 2 to 4-inch range.

A coil spring lift kit makes a noticeable improvement in Jeep’s off-road performance. It maintains comfy ride quality and gives a place for larger tires with better articulation and traction on the road. It will elevate your vehicle for a commanding presence on and off the road.

However, consider other suspension upgrades to get the most out of a coil spring lift. It can add to the cost and complexity of the coil spring kit installation. However, the performance gains make it worthwhile for many Jeep enthusiasts, which costs around $500 – $2,000.

Suspension Lift Kit:

Suspension lift kits are the best way to unleash Jeep’s off-road potential. These comprehensive kits replace various suspension components to achieve a significant lift. You will get 2-inch to 6-inch more ground clearance with the suspension lift kit. 

Suspension Lift Kit

Furthermore, you can combine it with the body lift for a 7-inch to 8-inch lift. With it, you’ll experience a substantial improvement in off-road performance thanks to its increased ground clearance and the ability to fit larger tires. It’s the ultimate choice for those who crave adventure.

Nonetheless, the tradeoff of the suspension kit’s advantages is the impact on on-road comfort. So, it’s crucial to strike the right balance for your needs.

Short Arm Lift Kit:

Short arm lift kits for Jeep Wrangler are a smart compromise between cost and performance. They replace Jeep’s control arms to provide a moderate lift of 2 to 4 inches. Therefore, it strikes a good balance between elevation and affordability, which we discussed in the previous section. 

With a short arm lift kit, Jeep’s off-road capabilities greatly improve. It also maintains a comfortable on-road ride. Hence, it’s an option that appeals to many Jeep owners who want versatility.

Long Arm Lift Kit:

If you’re chasing the highest level of off-road performance, a long-arm lift kit is the ultimate choice for Jeep Wrangler. These kits replace the original control arms with longer ones for maximum articulation. Long-arm lift kits often start at 4 inches and can go even higher, providing a substantial lift.

So, the lifts deliver superior articulation so that the tires enjoy maximum grip and traction on the road. It also helps Jeep’s capability to conquer the most challenging terrains. If you’re a dedicated off-roader or rock crawler, this kit is designed with you in mind.

Leveling Kit vs. Suspension Lift: Which Is Better?

While lifting a Jeep Wrangler, two standard options are leveling kits and suspension lifts. We have already described their features. But which one you should choose? The leveling kit is typically suitable for leveling your Jeep’s stance and accommodating larger tires for a more aggressive look. 

However, a suspension lift is the way to go if you’re a severe off-roader; maximizing ground clearance and improving your Jeep’s off-road performance is excellent.

Considerable PointsLeveling KitSuspension Lift
Description A leveling kit is designed to level out the front and rear of the Jeep, typically by lifting the front to match the rear.A suspension lift kit replaces various suspension components to achieve significant lift and enhance off-road capabilities.
Lift HeightUsually, it adds 1 to 2 inches of lift to the front.Provides substantial lift, ranging from 4 inches and beyond.
BenefitsLevels the Jeep’s stance, eliminating the “nose-down” look.
Provides enough clearance for larger tires without a complete suspension lift.
Enhances ground clearance and articulation.
Scope for installing larger tires for better traction and flotation.
Improved suspension geometry and shock absorbers for better handling.
ConsiderationsIt is not suitable for those seeking substantial ground clearance.
Minimal impact on off-road performance: Primarily used for aesthetics and tire clearance.
Suspension lifts are typically more expensive than leveling kits.
It may require professional installation and additional modifications.

Additional Factors Associated With Jeep Wrangler Lifting Cost:

Besides the type of Jeep Wrangler lift kit price, the actual cost also depends on the installation cost, brand of the lift kit, and additional modifications. 

Brand and Quality:

The brand and quality of the lift kit can significantly impact the cost. Established and reputable brands such as TERAFLEX, AEV, and MOPAR will charge more for their products. On the other hand, cheaper kits may be appealing initially but might lack durability and performance.


You’ll likely need professional installation for your lift kit. Installation costs depend on your location and the complexity of the lift. For the installation, you must keep a budget of $300 to $1000. 

Additional Modifications:

As mentioned earlier, lifting Jeep may require additional modifications like steering stabilizers, brake upgrades, gear ratio changes, and driveline extensions. These costs can vary widely, but budgeting for around $500 to $2000 is essential. 

Also, most people will upgrade to larger tires as part of the lift. Jeep Wrangler tires are available at around $120 to $450. So, consider the cost if you plan to integrate larger tires after lifting the Jeep Wrangler. 

Alignment and Maintenance:

After lifting your Jeep, you’ll need a professional and intricate alignment of the SUV. It is crucial to ensure proper handling and tire wear. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the lifted Jeep in top shape. It includes:

  • Check loose bolts 
  • Suspension components

Types of Lift Kits for Jeep Wrangler: The Best Lift Kit for a Jeep by Model:

Jeep Wrangler has been in the market for over 30 years now. So, depending on the model and making year, the right lift kit varies considerably. 

You can consider budget boost or suspension lift kits for the Jeep Wrangler YJs (87-95). YJs have leaf spring suspensions, making them well-suited for a suspension lift.

You might opt for coil spring lift kits or suspension lifts for the Jeep Wrangler TJ (97-06). The coil spring in the TJ models allows greater articulation. So, the tires enjoy better tractions on off-rods. Next, you can get long arm or suspension lifts for Jeep Wrangler JK (07-18). JKs feature a more modern suspension design, making them compatible with various lift options.

Finally, suspension lift kits are recommended for the latest JL models since 2018. JLs have advanced suspension systems. Henceforth, a suspension lift is the most effective way to enhance their off-road capabilities.

Expert And User Opinion on Jeep Wrangler Lifting Cost:

To give you a more accurate idea, we looked into what experts say about the lifting cost for the Jeep Wrangler. During this, we found that Macy Fouse, an expert insurance writer in Jerry, wrote, “A lift kit for your Wrangler will cost anywhere from $400 to $12,000.”

On the other hand, Ryan on Sherry 4X4 wrote that the cost of lifting Jeep Wrangler starts at $1000 and can be even $20000.

On the other hand, on Reddit’s  r/Wrangler forum, users said that for the suspension kit lifting and upgrades, they had spent around $3000 to $4000. 


Lifting a Jeep Wrangler can be an exciting and rewarding customization for improved off-road capacity, enhanced visibility, and larger tires. However, you must know, “How much does it cost to lift a Jeep Wrangler?” 

The cost might start as low as $500 for lifting the Jeep Wranglers with the body kit. Next up, for the Economy/Budget Boost Kit, the cost goes up to $2000, without the labor cost. With the right lift kit, you can take your Jeep to new heights. So, you might conquer the most challenging off-road trails with confidence and within an excellent budget with the lifted Jeep Wrangler. 

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