BBB Industries vs Cardone

BBB Industries vs Cardone: Battle Of The Brands

The automotive aftermarket industry is fueled by an intense rivalry between brands vying to be the best parts supplier.

Two titans dominating this space are BBB Industries and Cardone, stalwarts producing everything from starters and alternators to brake calipers and racks and pinions.

They aggressively compete for market share, but which manufacturer ultimately takes pole position? Let’s analyze how these brands stack up across key metrics.

Pedal to the Metal: Company Backgrounds

Let’s start with the origin of the respected companies –

BBB Industries: From Humble Roots to Industry Leader

Born from humble beginnings in a small warehouse in 1987, BBB Industries was the brainchild of the Bigler family, who saw an opportunity in remanufacturing alternators and starters.

Through strategic acquisitions, geographic expansion, and a laser-sharp focus on quality, BBB Industries morphed into a world-class supplier catering to leading automotive companies.

Today, BBB Industries is the remanufacturing industry’s largest player in North America, with a presence across the globe. The company rakes in around $2.5 billion in revenues annually.

Its secret sauce?

BBB Industries has innovated remanufacturing processes to minimize waste and environmental impact. No wonder it’s an award-winning organization trusted by major aftermarket retailers.

Cardone: Pioneers of Automotive Remanufacturing

Tracing its history to 1970, Cardone is one of the oldest and largest remanufacturers serving the automotive aftermarket.

The Philadelphia-based private company has carved a niche for itself by identifying and rectifying common failure points in OEM parts.

Cardone’s mission is to provide reliable and affordable replacement components made to meet or surpass OEM standards.

With an industrial footprint spanning over 7 million square feet across North America, Cardone offers the widest range of new and remanufactured parts, totaling over 46,000 SKUs.

The brand has doubled down on technology and eco-friendly operations to boost quality and output. Although Cardone grappled with manufacturing issues in the past, it remains a dominant player today.

Product Smackdown: Breadth and Depth of Portfolio

Here is the discussion of the products quality analysis that set them apart –

BBB Industries: All Your Starting and Charging Needs

BBB Industries homes in on a few key categories – starters, alternators, turbochargers, brake calipers, power steering components, and hydraulic parts.

Catering predominantly to the automotive aftermarket, BBB Industries produces remanufactured parts for most vehicles sold in North America. Quality benchmarks and testing procedures ensure lasting performance.

The company also meets the needs of the commercial vehicle market with heavy-duty components.

Their product catalog is optimized to deliver the starters, alternators, brake parts, and steering systems specifically required by customers rather than covering every automotive component out there.

Cardone: One-Stop Shop for Almost Any Part

Cardone’s expansive product range encompasses brakes, drivetrain, electronics, fuel systems, steering, and more. They carry a complete inventory of popular parts needed for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Cardone offers new components through technological innovations and remanufactured OEM-grade parts by identifying failure points.

Instead of specializing in a few component types, Cardone aims to be a complete solutions provider for DIY-ers, workshops, and auto stores.

Their diverse catalog meets the needs of both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Whether you need a pump, converter, gear set, or electronic module – Cardone has you covered.

The Verdict

Cardone claims the product portfolio crowns with nearly 10X more SKUs under its belt. But BBB Industries takes the cake for mission-critical components like starters and alternators.

Reliability Race: Who Makes the Sturdier Parts?

They both have different customer bases, but who makes the most quality product? Let’s find out –

BBB Industries: Remanufactured Right

BBB Industries adheres to stringent procedures for collecting, disassembling, cleaning, and re-engineering parts to optimize performance.

With programmable system testing capabilities and the expertise of seasoned technicians, BBB ensures its remanufactured components often surpass OEM reliability.

Multiple quality checks and automated vision inspections are conducted before finished products are packaged.

By partnering with mechanics, vehicle manufacturers, and drivers, BBB develops durable parts designed for the rigors of daily use. No wonder 90% of BBB’s sales are from repeat clients – its commitment to quality shines through.

Cardone: New and Improved Parts

Leveraging patented copper plating techniques, specialized gear treatments, and high-tech testing protocols, Cardone parts are engineered to outlast their OEM versions.

Cardone’s vertical integration and remanufacturing legacy lead to continuous enhancements in material and process quality. The proof is in the pudding – with warranties covering 24 months or more.

However, there are some complaints of pump whines, premature brake failures, and steering issues. While Cardone parts rectify common OEM problems, inconsistent quality can lead to frustrations.

Some users have found BBB components to be more durable, even at a lower price point.

The Verdict

BBB Industries edges ahead in terms of product reliability based on customer experiences. Both brands offer warranties, but BBB’s reman parts seem to better withstand daily wear and tear.

Pricing Showdown: Value for Your Dollar

Now, let’s compare your options to make parts purchases that are kind to your ride and your wallet.

BBB Industries: Cost-Effective Parts

BBB Industries positions itself as a value brand with economical new and remanufactured components.

While prices vary by part, its starters, alternators, and brake calipers deliver performance at a fraction of the OEM cost – roughly 40-60% lower. Their commercial vehicle parts also boast some of the lowest prices in the industry.

BBB Industries manages to keep costs low through efficient remanufacturing processes and optimized shipping networks leveraging distribution centers and warehouses.

The savings are passed down to customers, especially repair shops and retailers, without compromising on engineering.

Cardone: Premium Products at Palatable Prices

Cardone is priced higher than BBB Industries but lower than OEM components.

You can expect to pay 10-20% less for a Cardone part versus an equivalent OEM part. The newest additions to their portfolio – gear sets, motors, pumps, and modules – carry premium price tags owing to advanced engineering.

Their reman products are affordably priced as they reuse OEM cores. Heavy-duty and truck parts may run higher due to specialized production costs. While not the most budget option, Cardone delivers value for money by enhancing OE designs.

The Verdict

BBB Industries parts are gentler on your pocket for the same performance benefits. Cardone offers premium engineering at a cost that’s still lighter than OEM.

Distribution Domination: Accessibility of Parts

BBB Industries: Strong Retailer Relationships

BBB sells its products through leading aftermarket retailers, warehouse distributors, and manufacturers.

National chains like Advance Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, and AutoZone prominently feature BBB remanufactured parts. The brand also supplies OEM dealers such as Mack Trucks, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz.

BBB Industries leverages distribution centers in strategic locales and strong ties with retailer networks to make its components available across North America.

However, consumers may have limited options to purchase directly. BBB caters more heavily to repair shops versus retail customers.

Cardone: Omnichannel Presence

As a consumer-focused brand, Cardone parts are distributed across OEM dealers, retail chains, independent stores, online marketplaces, and direct to consumer channels. Their locator tool makes finding nearby Cardone suppliers a breeze.

Leading retailers like Advance Auto, Pep Boys, and O’Reilly Auto carry a full assortment of Cardone products.

Cardone manages extensive distribution, reaching over 90 countries worldwide.

They are able to supply parts through various networks owing to their broad catalog spanning thousands of SKUs. From brakes to steering, filters to sensors – Cardone aims to be ubiquitous. 

The Verdict

Cardone dominates when it comes to accessibility, availability, and distribution breadth. BBB focuses more narrowly on selling through traditional retailer networks.

Warranty Wars: Who Has Your Back?

BBB Industries: Hassle-Free Replacements

BBB Industries provides consumer-friendly warranty terms on parts and labor. Starters and alternators carry a standard 1-year replacement warranty.

Other components like turbochargers, brake calipers, and power steering racks have warranties of up to 2 years unlimited miles.

The warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship. To claim a replacement, consumers can contact a BBB sales rep or return to the place of purchase. BBB also gives retailers the option to handle replacements quickly.

The streamlined process results in minimal vehicle downtime.

Cardone: Unbeatable Warranty Coverage

Cardone offers some of the strongest warranties in the automotive aftermarket, ranging from 18 months to limited lifetime warranties depending on the part type.

Their Ultra-Premium series comes with lifetime replacement. Other components have 24-month or 3-year warranties – much longer than BBB’s coverage.

The warranties require consumers to work with authorized Cardone suppliers or repair facilities to process replacements.

While this adds a step, it allows Cardone to continue improving designs based on field data. The airtight warranties provide peace of mind.

The Verdict

Cardone sweeps this category with longer and more comprehensive warranties compared to BBB’s standard 1-year coverage.

The Final Face-Off: BBB Industries vs Cardone SWOT Analysis

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats overview of both companies.

BBB Industries Wins For –

  • Specialization in starters, alternators, brake parts.
  • Consistent quality and reliable remanufacturing.
  • Economical pricing meeting aftermarket needs.
  • Sustainable manufacturing processes.

Cardone Wins For –

  • Largest breadth of new and reman parts.
  • Cutting-edge engineering and technology.
  • Superior warranties and distribution reach.
  • Brand recognition and industry dominance.

Comparative Overview of BBB Industries and Cardone

BBB IndustriesReman expertiseLimited distribution and consumer reachLeverage brand equity to expand product lines and retail presenceCompetition from leading brands like Cardone with a wider portfolio
CardoneAutomotive category leaderProduct quality inconsistenciesEnhance quality controlLower-priced alternatives eating into market share

The Bottom Line

BBB Industries and Cardone both offer quality alternatives to high-priced OEM components. So, BBB wins on remanufacturing know-how and sustainability, while Cardone dominates distribution and product breadth.

Ultimately, weighing factors such as part availability, pricing, warranties, and individual vehicle fit will determine the ideal match. For starters, alternators, power steering, and brake parts, BBB is a smart bet.

And for electronics and drivetrain components, Cardone has a better range and warranties. Either brand serves as a reliable pivot from OEM, delivering parts engineered for longevity without the steep price tags.

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