Does Valvoline Fix Oil Leaks

Does Valvoline Fix Oil Leaks And How To Apply It?

One of the most annoying experiences car owners face is engine oil leaks. Although an oil leak might seem like a minor issue, if not treated, it will increase the car’s oil consumption. Also, driving your vehicle with oil leaks means you are compromising driving safety.

Henceforth, it’s crucial to find a solution to oil leaks, and of late, Valvoline stop oil leak has been the talk of the town to fix leaks. Some say it works brilliantly, and others say it isn’t as good as perceived. So, does Valvoline fix oil leaks? Also, how do you find oil leaks and apply Valvoline to fix it?

The good thing is that Valvoline oil stop leak is a combination of different additives. When applied, it stops oil leaks and even reduces oil consumption. It will further ensure the proper viscosity of the oil for a smooth driving performance. 

So, let’s take a look at what Valvoline is and how it works. 

What Is Valvoline Oil Stop Leak?

Valvoline Oil Stop Leak is an additive package made by Valvoline Inc. It’s a retail automotive oil and service company in America. The stop oil leak is one of the most sought-after automotive products that lower engine oil consumption. Also, its additives will seal the damaged parts to stop the oil from leaking. 

If you ever observe oil loss and leaks through the gasket or other parts, you should apply the Valvoline additive. It works brilliantly on the following engines and automobile parts:

  • Diesel engine 
  • Petrol engine 
  • Engine seals 
  • Motor oils 

Henceforth, you can confidently apply it to any automobile, including Jeep Wrangler, SUVs, cars, etc. 

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Does Valvoline Fix Oil Leaks?

So, does Valvoline fix oil leaks? Yes, Valvoline stops oil leaks with its additive package, which will seal the damaged gasket and leaks to stop the oil from pouring in through the leaked parts. It also reduces oil consumption. 

Valvoline leak finder

Each metal bottle of the Valvoline stop oil leak contains 300ML additives. You need to mix it with 3L oil and let them mix appropriately. The mixture should seal the gaskets within three days. So, you will see that the oil leak has stopped. 

Benefits of Using Valvoline Oil Stop Leak:

Valvoline oil stop leak is an efficient and affordable additive package to stop leaks. Also, with easy application, you will find it incredibly beneficial for cars, SUVs, and even trucks. 

Reduces or Stops Leaks: 

Valvoline oil stop leak products will reduce or even stop minor oil leaks. These products contain special additives that can rejuvenate aging gaskets and seals. With this, it will help to restore the integrity of the deteriorating gaskets and improve the seals. 

Extending Engine Life: 

The additives of Valvoline will minimize oil leaks. Therefore, it can extend the life of your engine. Oil leaks can lead to oil loss, which, in turn, can cause increased friction and overheating. The increased friction damages engine components over time.

Thankfully, the additives will lower the oil loss and friction. So, it will eventually improve the longevity of the engine with minimal maintenance. 

Reduced Oil Consumption:

Oil leaks often result in frequent oil loss. Henceforth, you will need to fill up the oil more frequently, which will increase your cost. When you apply the Valvoline oil stop leak, it will reduce oil consumption. So, it will save you money on oil changes. 

Moreover, the additives mixed with the oil will lubricate the engine and gasket. It further results in a smoother driving experience. 

Last but not least, Valvoline, with its ability to reduce oil loss, is a cost-effective solution. It will save you from changing the gasket as long as you can fix it with the additives. 

How To Find Oil Leaks?

When you see oil leaks, it can be scary. However, you need to find the actual reason and spot for the leaks to apply the suitable additives. For instance, the Valvoline oil stop leaks will only work when the leak is through the sealed gasket. 

  • When you suspect any oil leaks, carefully look for oil puddles or spots under your parked car. It’s a clear sign of engine oil leakage. 
  • Next, you should check gaskets, seals, and hoses for visible oil residue. Often, the rubber gasket and seals get damaged or loose. It causes the oil to sip through the damaged seal. 
  • To find the actual leaking spot, add a UV dye to your oil. It can be a blue dye to find the leak quickly. Alternatively, you can use a UV light to detect leaks.
  • You should also monitor oil levels regularly. If you see any sudden drop in the oil level, it indicates a leakage. 
  • When there are oil leaks, you might sense unusual odors or smoke from the engine. You will get a solid burning odor. Also, the engine might emit blue smoke. 

You can even use the Valvoline Oil Leak Finder to quickly detect the leakage. 

How to Apply Valvoline Oil Stop Leak:

Valvoline engine stops oil leak application is pretty straightforward. All you need is to mix the additive with the oil and let it blend properly. 

Prepare Your Vehicle: 

When you apply the additive, your vehicle engine should be cool and parked on a level surface. You must also identify the source of the oil leak before applying the product. For this, you can use blue dye or look for smoke and odour around the gasket and engine seals. 

Prepare the oil mixture:

Shake the bottle of Valvoline Engine Oil Stop Leak thoroughly before application. It will ensure proper mixing of the additives. Next, pour in the entire 300ML additive package with 3L oil. Then, stir it with a stick to let the additive and oil blend properly. 

Apply the Additive and Oil Mixture:

You can now pour in the mixed oil and additives in your automobile. Also, don’t run the engine immediately after applying the Valvoline additive. Let it work for a few minutes. You can then keep the engine idle and turn it on to help the engine oil and additives go to the gasket and seals. 

After a few days of driving, check for leaks. The additive should fix the seals and gaskets within 3 days, as Valvoline claims. If the oil leaks persist, you must replace the damaged seal and gasket. 

Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Cars

Cars and SUVs will leak oil due to damaged gaskets, problematic oil filters, or inaccurate maintenance. So, you should be aware of the common causes of oil leaks to ensure a safer driving experience. 

Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Cars
  • Worn or Damaged Gaskets and Seals: Mostly, the gaskets and seals last for 40000 to 60000 miles. After that, gaskets and seals in the engine can wear out or become damaged. As a result, it leads to oil leaks.
  • Oil Pan Gasket Issues: There is a gasket around the pan. It seals the oil pan. So, when the oil pan gasket deteriorates, it will cause leaks. 
  • Valve Cover Gasket Leaks: The gaskets that seal the valve covers can degrade. Ultimately, it will result in oil seepage.
  • Oil Filter or Drain Plug Problems: At times, the oil filter and drain plugs need to be better installed or get damaged. If the drain plug and oil filter fail to work correctly, it causes oil leaks. 
  • Oil Cooler Line Damage: Cracked or damaged oil cooler lines can lead to oil leaks.
  • Engine Component Cracks: Any cracks or damage to engine components can allow oil to escape.

Tips to Prevent and Address Oil Leaks

Although applying additives can stop oil leaks, it’s always better to prevent them. Also, when you maintain your car to prevent oil leaks, it keeps the engine in proper and healthy condition. 

  • First, you must routinely inspect your vehicle for oil leaks. Early detection can prevent minor leaks from becoming significant issues.
  • Always follow the car’s user manual to change the oil. You should change the engine oil for every 3000 to 6000 miles. Also, use the correct oil viscosity, or else it can damage the gaskets with more friction. 
  • Your vehicle engine should always have the appropriate oil level. You can check the engine oil level with a dipstick.
  • For minor leaks, consider using products like Valvoline Engine Oil Stop Leak to prevent further damage.

Last Two Cents

Oil leaks start unnoticeably and worsen into bigger problems when they go unnoticed. So, does Valvoline fix oil leaks effectively? Yes, you can apply Valvoline additives to reduce the oil loss and fix the gasket and seal to stop oil leaks. It will also improve the engine performance with a better riding experience as the additives in Valvoline will lower the engine friction.

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