Herculiner vs. Raptor Liner

Herculiner vs. Raptor Liner: Coating Your Truck Bed Right

Herculiner and Raptor are a protective coating applied to the truck bed. The main reason for its use is to create a durable coating on the truck bed that can withstand harsh conditions. Although the two mentioned brands do the same thing, there are some differences in their performance.

Herculina is a polyurethane and rubber granule coating that makes the truck bed more durable and prevents flaking, peeling. Raptor, on the other hand, provides a waterproof U.V. inhibitor coating that makes used bedding more durable and protects against mildew.

A big difference between the Herculiner and the Raptor liner is that the Herculiner gives a rubbery texture that doesn’t slide around and the Raptor liner makes the bed very firm. More detailed description and features of the product are explained.


Both Herculiner and Raptor products work to protect your truck. Provides a protective coating on your truck that protects your truck from scratches or dents for a long time. To compare these two products one needs to know about some of their key features and compare them. So let’s know more about the features of Herculiner vs. Raptor liner.



  • Herculiner

Apply Herculiner Bed Liner in a few easy steps. First, prepare where you will use it. For this, clean the area so that there is no dirt. Cover the areas other than the applied area to prevent spread to other areas. Wipe the area with Xylol cleaner. Come again for application. Shake or mix Herculiner well before applying. Now apply the first coat and after waiting for some time apply the second coat again. Keep for at least 24 hours and wait 3/4 days if using for heavy duty.

  • Raptor

The “Raptor Application Process” has several guidelines. The steps involved in applying Raptor are:

  1. First the applied surface should be cleaned.
  2. A raptor spray is a product so attach the applicator spray gun to its bottle.
  3. Take care to keep the air pressure between 35-60 PSI.
  4. Apply Raptor from a fixed distance such as 18-30 inches away.

Apply it in more or less concentration depending on your usage. However, it may be best to apply with the help of a professional.


  • Herculiner

Herculiner bed liner is a durable product that keeps your truck bed even stronger. Many users say it is more durable than the bed liners used by professionals.

  1. Maintains top performance with maximum scratch, hard impact and water resistance.
  2. Provides unique skid-resistant finish.
  3. One spray gives full coverage, but you can apply multiple sprays depending on your usage.
  • Raptor Liner

Raptor Liner is a urethane protective coating that protects the surface. It can withstand harsh conditions in any climate.

  1. Raptor liner is scratch and stain resistant
  2. A UV stabilized material
  3. It is easy to clean
  4. The raptor is flexible making it easy to withstand any impact
  5. It is a waterproof material that provides rust protection


  • Herculiner

The polyurethane coating present on the Herculina provides a textured surface. According to many users it gives a rubbery texture that grips things, preventing them from slipping. Others say it gives a nice gloss. Herculiner thickens and dries quickly. But it does not have UV protection so it fades with use.

  • Raptor Liner

The texture of the Raptor liner creates a rough texture. Add a thinner paint for a subtle texture and can spray from a distance. Raptor is a thick polyurethane coating resistant to any harsh impact, fuel, water. The UV present in it makes the coating more durable, not spoiling. Wait 4/5 days after application for best results.

Color Options

  • Herculiner

Herculina is available in black and gray among the limited colors. But you can also use Herculiner paints other than lacquer if you want. It is best to use another paint 24 hours after applying Herculina. You can use it on any metal, rubber, or plastic to prevent rust.

  • Raptor Liner

Raptor Liner comes in two types of coating. Another tintable one in black. Tintable requires separate application of colors. Basically you can add 10% different colors to it. Raptor Liner is originally designed to replace plastic liners. Can be used with any color you like and it will last.


  • Herculiner

A one-gallon kit of Herculine bed liners comes at a relatively affordable price. Gallon kits cost about $101.99 and spray-on liners can range from $250 to $500. One gallon of Herculiner can cover about 55-60 square feet nicely. This is a great way to save.

  • Raptor Liner

Raptor bed liners come with a relatively expensive price tag. Liner kits for a standard truck bed can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 The Raptor Liner’s 4 liter kit can cover an area of 125 square feet.

Deciding the Champion

Herculiner and Raptor Liner help reinforce your truck with a protective coating. However, when comparing these two, one must first see the performance of both to find out which one is more effective. Herculiner will provide a polyurethane and rubber granule coating that will give your truck’s surface a flexible feel and prevent items from slipping, while Raptor Liner on the other hand will provide a tough and rugged texture that will last long and won’t fade. Herculiner is a DIY worm that is applied with a roller or brush and Raptor Liner is applied via spray. Compared to other aspects and uses, Herculina is relatively cost-effective and doesn’t spoil things.

Beyond the Basics

Herculiner and Raptor liners are both excellent materials that protect your truck bed with a protective coating. Har Culinar has a polyurethane and rubber granule coating that gives a flexible rubber texture. Raptor Liner is a spray that makes things last longer. Some advantages and disadvantages of both are mentioned.



  • It is easy to install
  • Provides long lasting protection against rust, pits and scratches.
  • It gives extraordinary durability

There are no negative reports or reviews from anyone who has used Herculiner.

Raptor Liner


  • Raptor liner is water resistant
  • It is UV stable
  • Flexible and easy to clean


  • DIY kits may fade
  • Does not stick well to plastic.


Both the Herculiner and the Raptor liner are fantastic. According to many users, mechanics use this material more effectively than expensive liners. The main function of the Herculiner and Raptor liner is to create a coating that makes the item stronger and keeps it looking good for a long time. However, Herculiner is easier to use than Raptor Liner. Use the right product for your needs. There is no substitute for a liner to protect your truck bed. The liner has been discussed in more detail in the said report. Choose the right liner for your vehicle by understanding your needs.

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