Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift

Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift for Your Jeep: A Comprehensive Guide

Most of us know that both a body lift and a suspension lift are used to lift a vehicle. A body lift is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to lift the vehicle’s frame and a suspension lift is an expensive way to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance. A body lift does not affect the handling of the vehicle and can be used in conjunction with a suspension lift.

Apparently, between a suspension lift and a body lift, the suspension lift is more popular. Suspension lifts bring more reliability and improve vehicle performance. Today Jeep modification is a prominent part of Jeep culture. Jeep owners are customizing vehicles for both practical and aesthetic reasons. This further enhances off-road capability. Choosing the right one for your vehicle between a suspension lift and a body lift requires consideration of safety, size, capacity, maintenance, etc.

The main qualitative difference between both a body lift and a suspension lift is that a body lift lifts the car body away from the frame, while a suspension lift raises the frame and body. There are also other features discussed in the report.

Body Lift

A body lift is a modification that moves the car’s bodywork away from the frame to replace the wheels or tires. This is the common method for increasing the ride height. It is often used for engine replacement or motor mounting. Depending on the car model, body lifts can also be done at home, but it gets a good finish by a professional. 

With the right kit and proper installation, body lifts are easily imperceptible, giving a complete look. A body lift is made of plastic, metal installed into the frame of the car and gives about 3 inches of lift. A body lift doesn’t offer much ground clearance, so any obstacles need to be paid attention to. Body lift can only be used with body-on-frame and SUVs. Some of the advantages of body lift can come with disadvantages, which are explained .


  1. Compared to a suspension lift, a body lift is relatively less expensive and is a good option for those on a tight budget.
  2. Body lift maintains ride quality. It raises the car body and does not affect the ride quality of the car.
  3. Body lift provides additional clearance for larger tires. It also improves off-road performance and gives the car a more aggressive look.
  4. A body lift can help correct sagging.
  5. Its installation is very easy. Anyone can make it at home using all the kits.


  1. If the lift doesn’t improve off-road performance. Unlike a suspension lift, it does not improve off-road ability and lacks ground clearance.
  2. There is a gap between the body lift and the frame so it may not look good.
  3. Its parts like bumpers and steering components may require additional modification.
  4. Provides a limited amount of lift.
  5. Comes with a short warranty.

Suspension Lift

A suspension lift kit is a very popular kit that raises the ride height of a vehicle. This can be considered as an aftermarket upgrade kit. It replaces the vehicle’s suspension components with larger components such as shock absorbers, springs and control arms etc. Incomparably it increases the wheel height which easily accommodates tall tires.

Suspension lift kits can raise the car body by 1.5 to 12 inches which is appreciably more than other lift kits. Moderate suspension lifts can rise further, to a maximum of about 18 inches. But suspension lifts can be an expensive and complicated solution to raising. This suspension lift kit increases about 90% of the vehicle’s total weight. This causes problems in handling and makes turning more complicated. 

Suspension Lift

A suspension lift increases the vehicle’s ground clearance, creating more space within the driving surface. A 3-inch suspension lift provides 3 inches of ground clearance. Basically suspension lifts are used for various reasons such as, improved off-road performance, cosmetic purposes, larger tires etc. Here are some pros and cons of suspension lift kits:


  1. It has improved ground clearance which gives it functionality while off-roading.
  2. Suspension lift worms have the advantage of using larger tires that are less likely to get stuck in the mud.
  3. Provides easy access to the underbody which gives smooth driving even through difficult terrain.
  4. It has the convenience of offering different lift heights as per your preference.
  5. Provides safe diving.


  1. First of all it costs more. More expensive than body lift kits.
  2. Handling is problematic which changes the man of the ride.
  3. Increased altitude can increase fuel economy, which negatively affects fuel economy.
  4. Changing the suspension will void the vehicle’s warranty later, which is a potential cause of concern.

Choosing the Right Lift for Your Jeep

Between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit there are some important aspects to keep in mind while choosing the right lift kit. The first of these comes down to how you will use your car. Comparing the features, a suspension lift kit is better for off-road use, while a body lift kit is better for paved roads. Here are some differences between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit:

Cost: Suspension lift kits are expensive and often require installation by a skilled professional. Body lift kits are affordable and usually install spacers between the body and frame.

Height: Suspension lift kits can raise a vehicle anywhere from 1.5 inches to 12 inches while body lift kits give about 3 inches of lift.

Handling: A body lift does not affect a truck’s handling but suspension lifts do off road.

Now speaking of the aftermarket, a suspension lift kit is an aftermarket upgrade that raises the ride height of your vehicle’s suspension system. It usually replaces the shock absorbers, springs and control arms of the car’s factory suspension components with larger ones. Body lift kits provide additional height and space for larger tires but they do not provide additional ground clearance. 

A professional installation of a lift kit does not take seven to fifteen hours, but if you are experienced with DIY, you should spend at least twice that time installing. Choose the right lift kit based on your time, needs and price.


There are several things you need to think about when choosing a lift for your Jeep. If necessary, choose the right lift kit now with the help of qualified professionals. There are also some things you can consider. For example: how high you want to raise your vehicle, size of lift equipment, power source of lift equipment etc.

Lifting the undercarriage of a lifted vehicle can help drive the vehicle over difficult terrain or rough roads. Bigger tires can give stability and proper traction. However, it is better to take the advice of skilled experts to choose the right lift kit. Proper research can make choosing the right elevator worm much easier.

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