AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162

AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162: What Are The Differences?

When it comes to a vehicle’s engine’s ignition, a spark plug is a vital component. It ignites the combustion to help start the vehicle. And among all the available spark plugs, the 41 110 and 410 162 are two popular spark plugs from AC Delco. So what do you get when comparing the AC Delco 41 110 vs 410 162?

Both AC Delco 41 110 and 410 162 are similar in many ways and they even look similar. However, they also have various differences, including design, diameter, material, performance, lifespan, and cost. While the AC Delco 41 110 is reliable for good performance,  the 41 162 is more effective for higher-performing vehicles.

Since these spark plugs are made with different standards, it automatically changes the way they perform. But which one should be an ideal choice for your vehicle? Well, to know that, make sure to read the article until the end.

AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162: Comparison Table

FeaturesAC Delco 41 110AC Delco 41 162
Electrode MaterialCopperIridium
Ground ElectrodeNickelPlatinum
Seat TypeGasketTapered
Engine CompatibilityCombustion enginesNon-combustion engines
Thread Diameter14 mm14 mm
Hex Size16 mm16 mm
Heat RangeHighLow
Heat ResistanceLowHigh
DurabilityUp to 82,000 milesUp to 110,000 miles
Recommended ForCars and trucksRacing and heavy-duty vehicles
CostComparatively less expensiveMore expensive

AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162: Detailed Comparison

The comparison above shows some of the significant similarities and differences between the Ac Delco 41 110 and 41 162 spark plugs. But let’s get to know them better and see how these differences work out for the plugs and affect their performance.

Electrode Material

Let’s start by comparing the electrode materials. The 41 110 has copper electrodes, which is known for being a good electricity conductor and also has a low resistance. This quality helps the spark plugs to work consistently. Moreover, copper is commonly used in standard spark plugs. 

The 41 162 spark plug has an iridium electrode and they are sturdier and more long-lasting than copper electrodes. And iridium is known to work as a better electricity conductor than copper and offer more effective sparks.

Ground Electrode Material

As for the ground electrodes, the 41 110 has nickel ground electrode, which is also the standard spark plug ground electrode material. And the 41 162 has a platinum ground electrode, which is more robust than nickel. 

Nickel is a standard material and offers protection against corrosion. However, platinum is more durable and offers better performance.

AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162

Thread Diameter And Hex Size

When it comes to thread diameter or hex size, both AC Delco 41 110 and 41 162 spark plugs are similar. Both have a 14 mm thread size, which is common for standard spark plug threads. And they also have 16 mm hexes, which are also commonly used in spark plugs and are of standard size.

Heat Range

The heat range is the spark plug’s ability to withstand high temperatures without getting damaged or causing other issues. The 41 110 has a high heat range, which makes it suitable for standard vehicles, and offers excellent resistance to high temperatures.

However, the 41 162 has a low heat range, which means it is cooler. Thus, it offers better resistance against heat and keeps the engine cool and stable more effectively for a long time.


The material, heat range, thread and hex sizes of the spark plugs make also play a part in their compatibility. The AC Delco 41 110 is suitable for regular vehicles that are used daily, like cars and trucks. On the other hand, the 41 162 spark plug is more compatible with high-performing vehicles, such as racing cars or other heavy-duty vehicles.

Fuel Economy

Both 41 110 and 41 162 are made of good-quality materials that are reliable for offering better fuel efficiency. So you can rely on both of them for that. But do they offer the same fuel efficiency? 

Well, no. The 41 162 with its high-end electrode materials, such as iridium and platinum, improves combustion efficiency and boosts ignition performance. So naturally, it offers a better fuel economy than the 41 110.


The 41 110 and 41 162 spark plugs are manufactured by NGK and the spark plugs from the company are known for their excellent durability and last a long time. But you should also keep in mind that the durability of these spark plugs changes depending on various factors, such as the plug type, capacity, driving conditions, compatibility, and more.

Nevertheless, the 41 110 spark plug is made of copper electrodes and nickel ground electrodes. These materials are resistant to wear and tear and can help the spark plugs last up to 82,000 miles before you need to replace them.

On the other hand, the 41 162 is a high-maintenance spark plug made with iridium and platinum which are more durable. So you can expect the 41 162 spark plugs to last up to 100,000 miles or maybe more before needing to replace them. 


The cost of these spark plugs depends on various important factors, such as your location, retailer type, availability, spark plug model, and more. The materials of the spark plugs also play an important role when it comes to cost.

Nevertheless, the Ac Delco 41 110, which has all standard materials, performance, and design, is relatively more affordable. Check the latest price on Amazon
On the other hand, the 41 162 is a high-quality spark plug is made for high-performing vehicles and has more durable material. So naturally, it costs slightly more than the 41 110. Check the latest price on Amazon

Pros And Cons Of AC Delco 41 110

Here are the pros and cons of AC Delco 41 110 spark plug-


  • Suitable for various standard vehicle engines
  • Suitable for daily use 
  • Nickel-plated shell provides protection against corrosion
  • More affordable option
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicle models
  • Easy to install


  • Wears out quickly if used under harsh conditions
  • Not as durable as the 41 162 spark plug

Pros And Cons Of AC Delco 41 162

Here are the pros and cons of AC Delco 41 162 spark plug-


  • More suitable high-performing engines and vehicles
  • More durable and does not require frequent changing
  • Better heat resistance
  • Performs well under harsh road and weather conditions
  • Improves fuel economy


  • More expensive than the 41 110
  • Not widely available like the 41 110
  • Often requires particular tools for installation

Meaning Of The Digits On AC Delco 41 110 And 41 162 

As you can see, both these spark plugs have several digits and they seem to follow a format or pattern. The AC Delco manufacturer developed these numbers in the 90s to indicate different parts and it is also a way to identify them easily. But what do these numbers mean? 

The first 2 digits mean that the spark plugs belong to a series. The number 41 for these spark plugs means they belong to series “41” of AC Delco spark plug products.

The next sets of numbers indicate the spark plugs’ heat range or the spark plug’s ability to transform heat from the tip to the engine’s cooling system. It also indicates how well the plugs work thermally.

The lower the number of the 2nd sets of digits, the hotter condition the spark plugs have. And higher numbers indicate colder spark plug performance. 

Usually, the spark plug numbers are nothing that you should worry too much about. Because the number often indicates different things depending on the manufacture, spark plug type, material, and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the gap on 41 162 spark plugs?

The average distance between the center and side electrodes is known as the gap in spark plugs. The gap in the spark plug varies depending on the plug’s model and material. In platinum plugs, the gap is about 0.070″. On the other hand, in iridium plugs, it is around 0.050″.

Q. Can you swap AC Delco 41 110 with 41 162 spark plugs?

Generally, it might be possible to swap AC Delco 41 110 with 41 162 spark plugs as they have similar diameters and reach. However, there are other things to consider when swapping them as installing an AC Delco 41 162 may require different sets of tools. Besides, as they are made for different types of vehicles, you should also consider whether it is worth spending the extra if your vehicle engine is compatible with 41 110 spark plugs.

Q. How often do I need to replace my spark plugs?

The frequency to replace your vehicle’s spark plugs depends on a few factors, such as vehicle type, spark plug quality, driving conditions, etc. While both AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 are known for having an excellent lifespan, it is still safe to replace the spark plugs every 30,000 to 50,000 miles if the material is copper and nickel. And replace it every 60,000 to 100,000 miles if the material is platinum and iridium.

Final Words

So, what’s your conclusion after going through all about the AC Delco 41 110 Vs 41 162 comparisons? Still not sure? Well, let me make it easier for you to decide!

As you now know, both 41 110 and 41 162 are reliable and suitable for use in different types of vehicles. And while the 41 110 works very well in standard vehicles and is suitable for daily use, the 41 162 is preferred for heavy-duty or racing cars. And the 41 162 is more durable and robust than the 41 110 spark plug.

I would say, if you are after the performance and okay with spending some extra money, you can pick the AC Delco 41 162 without any worry. However, if you wouldn’t mind using something almost as good for regular use and want something more affordable, the AC Delco 41 110 is a suitable option for you.

And now it is up to you to think over what you expect from your vehicle and spark plugs. Then you can easily decide which one you need!

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