StabiliTrak On Silverado

How To Fix StabiliTrak On Silverado

StabiliTrak on your Silverado is the “Electronic Stability Control” system. After a high-speed emergency maneuver, you can regain stability and control with the help of the Stabilitrak system. You may often see a “Service Stabilitrak” message on your Silverado for different reasons.

If you see such a message, it’s important for you to know how to fix StabiliTrak on Silverado. Due to the StabiliTrak system malfunction, inconsistent RPMs, malfunctioning brake switch, and lousy TPMS sensor, your Silverado can display a “Service Stabilitrak” message.

However, to fix the StabiliTrak on your Silverado primarily, you must reset the StabiliTrak either with or without a scan tool. Without a scan tool, the resetting process is easy. Just turn off your vehicle, wait for 20 -30 seconds, and then turn your car on again. And how you can reset StabiliTrak with a scan tool, we will explain in the guide.

If resetting doesn’t change the problem, consulting with a professional is better. But before consulting with the professionals, you must adjust the traction control sensor and check the battery ground cable. Now go through this article till the end to learn more about it.

What Is StabiliTrak On Silverado?

StabiliTrak on Silverado is an “Electronic Stability Control” system. The purpose of Stabilitrak is different from the traction control purpose. Once your Silverado is already moving, Stabilitrak enables your car to go in a straight line.

Using the sensor, the system determines the steering wheel and tire’s position compared to your car’s direction. For example, your car’s steering and tires are pointed toward the left, but your car is fishtailing to the right. The StabiliTrak will straighten your car by applying the brake on the outside front tire.

StabiliTrak is connected to the stability control system, brakes, steering wheel, and wheels via sensors. As this system is connected to numerous things, so for multiple issues “Service Stabilitrak” light can appear.

Anytime this message can appear on your Silverado’s dashboard. Therefore you must know how to fix the service StabiliTrak message.

Why Do You Need To Fix The Stabilitrak On Silverado?

The brakes, steering, and wheel speed sensors control the StabiliTrak system on Silverado. For different reasons, you need to fix the StabiliTrak on your Silverado. Those are:

The StabiliTrak requires consistent engine speed and power to function perfectly. The StabiliTrak and traction control become disabled automatically when the engine fails to provide consistent speed.

Whenever you experience rough idling, misfire, or other performance issues on your Silverado, the systems automatically become disabled.

So the main reasons for which you need to fix the Stabilitrak on Silverado are:

  • Defective StabiliTrak system itself
  • Inconsistent RPMs due to different performance-related problems
  • Faulty TPMS sensors
  • Body control module issues
  • Brake switch problem
  • Lifter failure

Along with the above reasons, there are more causes of StabiliTrak messages on your car. And those are:

  • Defective ABS pumps
  • Battery issues
  • Fuel problem
  • Lousy speed sensors
  • Engine misfires
  • Broken brake switch
  • A dirty fuel filter
  • Bad yaw sensor
  • A damaged electronic brake control module etc.

How To Fix StabiliTrak On Silverado

Whenever you see the StabiliTrak light on Silverado, you must fix it. The easy way to fix it is to reset the StabiliTrak first. With or without a scan tool, you can reset your service StabiliTrak on your Silverado. Now we will tell the StabiliTrak reset process in detail. So, keep reading it:

1. Reset The StabiliTrak Without A Scan Tool

Whenever you see the StabiliTrak warning on your Silverado, you shouldn’t ignore it. Even a tiny problem within the system is tricky. Therefore if you ignore it thinking it is a small problem, it can snowball into a catastrophe.

So as soon as you face any StabiliTrak light, we recommend you reset the system yourself without a scan tool. The easy resetting steps are:

  • Pull over your car quickly in a suitable location.
  • Turn off your car’s engine, and for 20 – 30 seconds, allow it to rest. Your car’s system will get refreshed within this time and reset by itself.
  • After 30 seconds, turn on your car’s engine. Then check whether still, your car is showing the message or not.

If the StabiliTrak light disappears, that means your car is completely fine. But in case you still see the light, it’s better to consult with a professional auto mechanic.

2. Reset The Stabilitrak On Silverado With A Scan Tool

If you have a scan tool with you, then the Stabilitrak reset process will be the following:

Step 1: First, turn off your car’s ignition. Then find the diagnostic port on your vehicle. After that, plug in the diagnostics scanner of your car. Then followed by the scanner turn on your vehicle’s ignition.

Step 2: Now, find your Chevy Silverado model and select it. For the trouble codes, allow the scanner to diagnose your vehicle. Then read and write down the displayed fault code and their descriptions. In some cases, you may find several codes suggesting the same problem. So don’t worry about this case.

Step 3: In this step, turn off your car’s ignition by disconnecting the scanner. If you are a mechanical expert, move forward and fix the trouble. But if you are not, we recommend you consult an auto mechanic.

Step 4: Once you solve your Silverado’s StabiliTrak problem, ignite the engine by reconnecting the scanner. Go ahead and fix the faulty code if you can. Only after fixing all the stability-related issues will you be able to clear the fault codes.

Step 5: After successfully clearing the fault codes problem, disconnect the scanner and turn off your car’s engine. For 20 – 30 seconds, allow your engine to rest. And then turn it on.

At this point, hopefully, you will see there is no StabiliTrak light or message on your car. If, after resetting the Stabilitrak still, the problem exists, then follow some more solutions below:

3. Adjust The Traction Control Sensor

On your Silverado’s wheel bearings, there is a traction control sensor. Try to adjust that sensor according to each wheel’s speed. If the wheel bearing is bad, you will find it while adjusting the speed.

It affects the StabiliTrak or traction sensor, possibly draining the battery. So try to adjust the traction control sensor. If you aren’t an expert in this job, we recommend you contact your nearby professionals.

4. Inspect The Battery Ground Cable

When the StabiliTrak message pops up on your Silverado dashboard numerous times, you must verify your car’s battery ground cable. Explore, Ripp supercharger problems

Along with the StabiliTrak message, your car’s engine can shut off, and the steering can lock. And to fix this problem, you may need to replace the following things:

  • Positive cable
  • Steering module
  • Body control module
  • Ground cable

Luckily if your vehicle has a warranty, you can replace all these above under warranty.

5. Some More Solutions To Fix Stabilitrak On Silverado

Now moving on to some more ways to settle the StabiliTrak problem on Silverado. Follow these solutions also:

  • Check the engine light
  • Diagnose the engine or fault code
  • Inspect the traction control system

How Does The Stabilitrak System Work On Your Silverado?

Whether your Silverado is perfectly responding to the input or not, the StabiliTrak system detects it using a complex sensor system. However, the StabiliTrak system works in the following ways:

  • Rotation Rate Sensor: It measures the rotation and lateral speed around the truck’s centerline.
  • Wheel Speed Sensors: The wheel speed sensor measures how rapidly each wheel turns. On each hub, there is one particular wheel.
  • Steering Wheel Position Sensor: This sensor measures the steering wheel’s position or how many degrees it turns.
  • Hydraulic System: At a time, this system can activate one brake only.
  • Control Unit: The control unit takes data from the wheel speed, rotation rate, and steering wheel sensor. And then, the control unit determines the StabiliTrak system activation time. If required, this unit also tells of cutting the engine power to the powertrain control module.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fix Stabilitrak on a Chevy Silverado?

The cost to fix Stabilitrak on a Chevy Silverado may range between $80 and $200.

What does it mean when my Chevy Silverado says service Stabilitrak?

Due to different reasons, the “Service Stabilitrak” message may appear on your car’s dashboard. Those causes are control module or sensor failure, defective StabiliTrak system, and brake system problems.

What causes Stabilitrak to malfunction?

Bad wiring, faulty sensors, and defective powertrain control module can cause the StabiliTrak to malfunction.

End Note

Hopefully, this guide on how to fix Stabilitrak on Silverado has been helpful to you. If you ever see the StabiliTrak warning on your Silverado, don’t ignore it. It can be dangerous for your car’s entire system.

Therefore whenever you see the StabiliTrak message or light on your Silverado, reset the unit immediately. If the reset doesn’t work, then you must take the professional’s help.

However, from our end, we have explained everything. Now if you want to add some spicy more to our discussion, you can comment. ASAP we will reply to you.

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