What Does FP Mean on a License Plate

What Does FP Mean on a License Plate? Ever Wondered Why It Is Used?

I assume there are many drivers like me who perform permutations and combinations with the numbers written on the front vehicle’s license plate. During a recent visit to my friends in Illinois, I noticed only a few vehicles carry “FP” on their number plates. It has made me curious and dragged me deeper.

So, what does FP mean on a license plate? FP signifies that the respective vehicle belongs to a company or organization. The full form of FP is “fleet plate” or “fleet permanent.” This identification mark is used in states like Illinois, Oregon, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, and many more in the US.

There are a lot more interesting facts you should know. Let’s check those out.

What Does FP Mean On A License Plate? In-Depth Explanation

In many US states, the FP license plate stands for a company’s or organization’s own or rented vehicle. It also indicates that the vehicle is designated to serve business purposes, such as the transportation of officials, goods, etc. However, you won’t see any expiration date on this type of license plate. As long as you pay the yearly registration fees, it will be valid.

On the other hand, the FP license plate can also symbolize that the vehicle belongs to a government entity.

Reasons for Using an FP License Plate

You cannot expect that a company’s or organization’s vehicle will stay within a single state for its lifetime. In other words, as per the business’s needs, one day, it might be in New York, and the next day it might be on the streets of Oregon. 

Considering this, the same vehicle would need to go through standard procedures to get authorization from each state’s traffic department, road and transport entity, etc. This is where the FP number plate kicks in.

The FP number plate solves this issue by allowing the respective vehicles in every state. 

To sum up, if your vehicle’s license plate has the “FP” mark, you do not need to visit any local authorities’ office to get permission. You can drive it in other states without anyone ever bothering you.

Who is Eligible to Get an FP License Plate

Below is a list of eligibility criteria for this multi-year license plate. Here, you must know that to get an FP license plate, the company, organization, or agency must own at least 15 vehicles in a single state.

  • A private company or organization
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Car rental companies
  • Car leasing companies
  • Government agencies, and more.

Please note that no individual can get this plate.

Required Documents

Below is the list of documents you need to submit to the respective state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

FP License Plate vehicle
  • A filled-out application form
  • Liability insurance
  • Registration fee
  • Plate fee payment slip
  • Specialized symbol inclusion charge
  • Identity proofs
  • Tax papers
  • Business registration papers
  • Any other document requested by the front desk.

Process of Obtaining an FP Number Plate

Please follow the below step-by-step guidelines to get your FP license plate. 

Step 01: Before applying for an FP license plate, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the state’s DMV. The criteria may vary from state to state. Still, for general considerations, you must have a valid business in the US, and the business needs to own at least 15 vehicles.. 

Step 02: Collect all the documents mentioned in the above section; business-related papers, tax papers, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, etc. Make sure to double-check the respective DMV’s requirements to avoid any delay in the application process. 

Step 03: Go to the respective state’s DMV website or office.

Step 04: Submit the application along with the documents and application fee payment slip. Keep a copy of the whole application for future reference.

Step 05: Follow up with the process.

Step 06: Once your application is approved, you will receive your new FP license plate.

Importance Of An FP License Plate

To understand the cruciality of a fleet plate, go through the following points:

Unique Identification

These plates assist the traffic police and other officials in distinguishing the fleet vehicles from other motor vehicles on the road. The other drivers also become aware that the particular vehicle is part of a large fleet.

Easy to Handle

From a business perspective, handling all the vehicles under a single number plate is just a blessing. It allows for saving money, effort, and time by restricting the repetitive tasks’ execution for every vehicle.

Meeting Compliance

After all, it is the state’s regulation that directs companies to obtain fleet plates. By obtaining them, business entities and government agencies meet the laws and regulations.


If the company’s vehicle is in the at-fault position in any road accident, this plate helps substantially to resolve the damage-related issues. With the help of the FP, the owner’s identification becomes very easy.


Every business faces emergency situations in which quick responses are necessary. By having a fleet plate, companies’ vehicles can get some additional facilities (speed, taking a not-allowed diversion, etc.) upon making the on-duty traffic police spot it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about FP license plates. 

How much a FP license plate?

The cost of a FP license plate varies from state to state. However, you should budget for $300-$400. 

What is a permanent license plate?

A permanent license plate means that the vehicle is not owned by a common individual. It belongs to a government entity, state, county, or board of education and is part of a large vehicle fleet.

Is FP part of the license plate number?

It is not a part of the vehicle number. But, certainly, FP is a part of the license plate characterizing the vehicle ownership type.

Last Words

I hope now you have a clear understanding of what FP means on a license plate. FP license plates serve as a visual identifier for vehicles that are owned or leased by businesses or organizations. It shows that the particular vehicle is part of a fleet of at least 15 vehicles.

Nevertheless, these plates may not provide any special privileges in general.  However, there are exemptions, they get some privileges in emergencies. Lastly,  this type of license plate serves a critical purpose in helping to distinguish company-owned vehicles on the road.

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