Ridge Grappler Vs Ko2

Ridge Grappler Vs Ko2 – An In-Depth Comparison

Are you having a hard time selecting the right tire? Nitto Ridge Grappler and BF Goodrich KO2 are both excellent tires with up-to-date features. This often leaves people puzzled over making the right choice, especially if they’re not experienced in this field. 

So, what’s the difference between ridge grappler vs ko2?  For a fair comparison, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. Such as: 

  • Comfort
  • Durability 
  • Dry performance 
  • Wet performance 
  • Winter performance 
  • Off-road performance 

Moving on, we will give you an in-depth comparison of each feature of both tires. Additionally, we will give you a general overview of the comparison to help you decide. 

Ridge Grappler Vs KO2: An Overview

Here’s a general overview of the two tires before we jump into the details:

AttributesKO2 Ridge Grappler 
ComfortCan cause some discomfortMore comfortable
Durability Better durabilityWeaker lifespan
Dry performanceModerate cornering stabilityBetter cornering stability
Weaker dry tractionBetter dry traction 
Better steering response Weaker steering response
Wet performanceWears down quickly on wet surfacesPerforms well on wet surfaces
Good hydroplaning resistanceGood hydroplaning resistance
Winter performance Better performanceWeaker performance
Off-road PerformanceBetter on rocky terrainsNot long-lasting on rocky terrains
Better on muddy terrainModerate on rocky terrains

Ridge Grappler Vs KO2 – Detailed Comparison

Now let’s take a deeper dive to understand what sets these two tires apart!


Ridge Grappler has zig-zag grooves and variable tread block, providing a smooth ride. It also ensures enhanced steering response. Moreover, its reinforced block increases overall stability by controlling the steadiness of the tires.

KO2 indeed ensures a smooth and quiet ride. However, its traction decreases on flatter surfaces, thus giving the driver a bad experience. Also, these tires tend to slip, which adds to the discomfort. 


Ridge Grappler has stone ejectors that prevent the surface of the tires from being damaged. Also, the reinforced block helps to prevent any further damage. However, it has a high rolling resistance, which causes the tread to wear down faster, thus decreasing the tread life. 

KO2 has better durability because of its tread composition. It consists of a tri-guard technology and two steel belts with three-ply polyester cords. Furthermore, it has a less rolling existence, so the impact on the tread is not as harsh. 

Ridge Grappler

Dry performance

The dry performance of any tire should be judged based on three aspects: cornering stability, steering response, and dry traction. For cornering stability, the aggressive tread design and stiff sidewalls give Ridge Grappler the upper hand. 

The biting ability of the tread is very strong, providing a good on-road grip. Finally, as previously mentioned, Ridge Grappler has an excellent steering response.  

KO2 Tires’ unique structure provides amazing cornering stability. The bead wire is wrapped several times to enhance the sidewall stiffness. Also, the steering response of KO2 has a slight advantage compared to the Ridge Grappler. 

As for the dry traction of KO2, the smaller block blocks and wider grooves decrease the on-road grip. Thus, this gives KO2 a minor setback. 

Wet performance 

Ridge Grappler has a larger contact patch and an extensive tread build. These two features together help to remove as much water as possible. Although it has a lack of sipping, its thick and well-built compound makes sure the tires don’t slip.

Also, Ridge Grappler has really good hydroplaning resistance. Meaning the tires have better water evacuation capabilities. This is due to the unique tread pattern, circumferential groove design, and open shoulder blocks. 

KO2 has a dual-layer compound design, which ensures the car can perform well on wet surfaces. However, the first layer is soft and tends to wear down quickly. 

Unfortunately, the remaining second layer doesn’t provide much protection against wet surfaces. The second layer is quite stiff and has no healthy grip over the wet surfaces. This can cause the tires to spin.  

KO2 also has amazing hydroplaning resistance. In this aspect, both tires perform well. 

Winter Performance

Ridge Grappler’s performance isn’t well developed for heavy snow conditions. The deep tread, along with the high contact patch, makes the tires slip resistance in slight snow. However, its sipe density isn’t strong enough to handle the harsh winter. 

Moreover, its traction abilities are comparatively less as the channel widths are small. This decreases the efficiency of snow evacuation. 

BF Goodrich KO2 on water

KO2 tires should always be your go-to for traveling in snowy conditions, be it light or heavy. It has multi-edged blocks, ensuring the tires travel through the snow efficiently. 

More importantly, it has a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake feature. This feature was made to provide you with the ultimate snow traction. It provides amazing grip over snow while ensuring the flexibility of the tires. 

However, the small contact patches in KO2 counter-attack the gripping feature of 3PMSF. But it’s just a small setback that is outweighed by all the features built for snow traction. 

Here is a video to give you a further idea of KO2’s winter performance 

Off-road performance 

For this category, we are going to judge it on two aspects – 

  1. Rock Terrain 

Ridge Grappler’s large contact patch provides a strong grip over rough, uneven surfaces. Also, the stone ejectors in its lateral grooves protect against puncturing. Finally, its compact shoulder lugs and groove design boost the traction for rocky terrain. 

However, Ridge Grappler can’t handle off-road adventures for a long period. Despite having a high tread depth, it has a soft compound. This can cause the tire to wear off quickly on rocky terrains. Additionally, it’s prone to cuts and chips. 

On the other hand, KO2 not only has stone ejectors in its lateral grooves and triangular ejectors in longitudinal grooves. This gives KO2 the advantages of a strong grip and the ability to rebound from hard surfaces. Moreover, KO2 has a harder compound, allowing the tire to perform amazingly on rocky terrains. 

  1. Mud Terrain

Ridge Grappler’s deeper tread and shoulder grooves help to clear mud and maintain traction efficiently. However, the compact shoulder lugs are not as effective with their biting grip. 

And KO2 tires have powerful biting notches that increase the overall efficiency in muddy terrain. Moreover, its wide grooves help to slash through the mud easily.  

About Nitto Ridge Grappler Vs BFG KO2

Hey folks, ever find yourself torn between the Nitto Ridge Grappler and BFG KO2 for your tires? I’ve been there! Both have some serious street cred in the tire game. I’ve broken down their performance, longevity, and those real-world feels we all care about. Curious about which one might just edge out the other for your next road trip or off-road adventure. Check out the full scoop here


To conclude, ridge grappler vs ko2, you need to know your needs before making a purchase. If you’re prioritizing the durability of your tires over anything else, we recommend KO2. However, there are other features of both tires that should be taken into account.

The dry performance, wet performance, winter performance, and off-road performance of both tires matter just as much as the durability. Also, you need to think about which one you will be more comfortable with, depending on your circumstances. We hope this was helpful. Happy riding! 

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