Fluid Film Black Vs Red

Fluid Film Black Vs Red: A Detailed Comparison

Metal parts and surfaces of your car are often prone to rust and corrosion. Using protective coating over these surfaces is common. But it is difficult to choose from a variety of protective materials. The difference becomes even skinnier when you need to pick one between two protective solutions from the same company: Fluid Film. 

So, which is the best between Fluid Film Black vs Red? Both of these items perform similarly in terms of rust resistance and lubrication. But Fluid Film Black is slightly better because of its thicker texture. It also gives a better overall finish than Fluid Film Red.

I will discuss the similarities and differences between these two items in detail. Check it out.

Fluid Film Black Vs Red: Comparison Chart

Before I get into the detailed characteristics, check the key specifications of these items.

PropertyFluid Film BlackFluid Film Red
AppearanceBlack colored liquidClear, straw-colored liquid
Viscosity Brookfield HBF, 70℉#2 Spindle at 2RPM10-20 reading (16,800-32,000 cps)Brookfield HBF, 70℉#2 Spindle at 2RPM10-20 reading (16,800-32,000 cps)
Flash Point405℉ minimum405℉ minimum
Non-Volatility89% minimum (3 hours @220℉89% minimum (3 hours @220℉
VOCAS: Less than 25%, NAS: Less than 1%AS: Less than 25%, NAS: Less than 1%
Specific ConductivityLess than 10-9 ohm/cm @ 1 mHzLess than 10-9 ohm/cm @ 1 mHz
Specific Gravity0.875 – 0.885 (less propellant)0.875 – 0.885 (less propellant)

Fluid Film Black vs Red: Head-to-Head Comparison

As you can already see in the above chart, these two undercoating products are almost similar in terms of technical specifications. So, I will focus more on their appearance and corrosion control.


It is clear from the name that Fluid Film Black has a black tint to it. This non-toxic liquid is suitable for areas that have a dark color. The black liquid matches those surfaces, such as undercarriage, axles, etc.,  well, and covering the surfaces doesn’t look odd.

On the other hand, Fluid Film Red is also known as just Fluid Film. Though it has red in the name, it isn’t actually red. Instead, it has a straw-like color that is pretty transparent. So, this liquid is suitable for surfaces that have a lighter color.

Post-Application Appearance

After applying these liquids, you can see clear differences between the final appearances. Fluid Film Black gives the surfaces a sophisticated appearance that looks more professional to me. Fluid Film has even been used in corrosion control programs for army vehicles. 

Especially if you apply the liquid to surfaces with a darker color, this glossy look of the surface is highly satisfying. But Fluid Film Red doesn’t provide that sheen when applied. It stays almost clear after application and provides a simple look. It is also less glossy than the black one. 


Even though the viscosity of these two liquids is the same, Fluid Film Black is much waxier than Fluid Film Red. As a result, you may find Fluid Film Black a bit thicker after application. 

The coating also has a slightly different texture with more grains. Due to this texture, Fluid Film Black has better adherence properties. 

Fluid Film Black Vs Red

But Fluid Film Red is not as waxy as the black one. So, you will find it leaves a plain texture. Its adherence is also lower than Fluid Film Black. Explore how log does fluid film last

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Both liquids have almost similar capabilities when it comes to rust and corrosion resistance tests. But as Fluid Film Black is a bit waxier, it provides better overall coverage. So, metal surfaces that are highly exposed to moisture can benefit from Fluid Film Black.

Even though Fluid Film Red provides very good protection against rust and corrosion, its coverage is a bit lower. So, it goes down to your preference and the use case scenario.

Wash-Off Resistance

One common concern among users is the fear of losing the coating while washing the car. So, many users tend to hand wash their cars after applying any of these products. But Fluid Film Black has superior wash-off resistance.

So you can go through a thorough wash without any worries. Fluid Film Red also has decent wash-off resistance.

Watch this video to learn more: 

Which Should You Choose Between Fluid Film Black vs Red?

Despite the fact that these liquids have the same specifications, Fluid Film Black seems to perform better in terms of coverage, protection, appearance, etc. Fluid Film Black gives the surfaces a bold appearance with its waxier texture. It also hides minor imperfections better than Fluid Film Red.

So, I prefer using Fluid Film Black on dark surfaces. But if the metal surface has a light color, then Fluid Film Red won’t be that bad.


Check answers to some frequently asked questions about Fluid Film Black vs Red.

Q: How often should I use Fluid Film?

Both Fluid Film Black and Red are pretty long-lasting. These coatings can last up to 36 months. But it is better to check the condition at least once a year and reapply the Fluid Film if necessary.

Q: Can I use Fluid Film as a lubricant?

Yes. Fluid Film Black and Red are very good lubricants. If you use spray cans, you can easily apply these to moving parts in tight spaces. 

Q: Can I use Fluid Film Black and Red over rust?

If a surface is already rusted, you can still use Fluid Film Black or Red over that area to cover the rust. It will prevent rust from developing.


Depending on the climate where you drive your car, rust can badly affect the metal surfaces. It is crucial to use an undercoating to cover the rust or protect surfaces from corrosion. Fluid Film Black and Fluid Film Red are two popular products for rust protection.

Between Fluid Film Black vs. Red, the black one gives better performance in all aspects. From perfectly covering the scratches or rusts to increasing lubrication, Fluid Film Black is a more popular choice. But you can also use the Fluid Film Red, depending on the surface.

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